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roundabout dogems

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Brmmm, May 25, 2011.

  1. This was from my commute yesterday. Gotta love that GoPro.

  2. bloody hell!
  3. Farken hell. Two fuckwits! The woman in the second cage did not even look! Oops, that could have been bad.
  4. What I find astounding is not that someone entered the roundabout without looking as that is expected.

    What is astounding is that the van at the start indicated to exit!!!!

    That never happens in Vic.
  5. Spider senses on maximum at roundabouts like that!
  6. Ah multi lane roundabouts, u gotta love em....
  7. I'm struggling to see what is special about that.
  8. You must accept some of the responsibility for this, you kind of came into the roundabout a litte fast and there were cars that may have been blocking your vision to the right. Then you entered while that van was still turning and made it block line of sight between you and those two cars.
  9. The fact that no accident occurred tells me he was riding within his limits. He saw it happening and took action.
  10. Brmmm,
    Well done for handling the situation like you did !
    There'll always be those that say 'you could've done this or could've done that'..but YOU were there and the footage (thanks GoPro (y)) reveals the stupidity and hurried (careless) nature of many other road users.
    There is a roundabout a minute away from where I live where I see things like this daily...very concerning.
    Thanks for posting mate.
  11. I just don't turn right from the left lane in roundabouts any more, even in my cage as it's just too dangerous. Here in Vic, 90% of drivers do not understand roundabouts.

    See pic below, is Broadway/Boldrewood in Reservoir, Melbourne.
    Coming from the west/left in that pic, I used to turn right into Boldrewood Pde (south/bottom exit on that picture) from the left lane (green arrows). You can see the turn permitted arrow on that picture, painted on the road.

    But there were too many times that people coming from the north (red arrow) would attempt to t-bone me (bike or car) despite my right-indicator flashing as they assumed I was turning left into their street.

    If it wasn't that, it was people making the same turn I was, but starting from the right-lane then using both lanes on the roundabout to make the turn (i.e. running wide over the line).

  12. First one was your fault, the van was already in the round about and surprisingly did everything right.

    The idiotic small SUV driver either didnt see you or had thoughts about gunning it or didnt see you signal/didnt expect you to turn from the left lane.

    The Lexus driver was a total goose who was in his own little world, either just following the car infront like a sheep or tried to use the SUV as buffer (failed when the SUV stopped). The guy panics and pretty much stops in the middle lol........

    So where are your little metal pellets to throw at idiot cars/driver? That Lexus would have copped a hammering.

    Top vid.
  13. 0:12-0:17 is the reason this incident happened. You can blame drivers for all your problems all you want, for some of us these sorts of incidents are rare. Maybe our two different responses can partially explain the reasons behind this.
  14. I've got a gopro and it's the best money i've ever spent. :)

    One thing though...it's obviously a busy one, with alot going on. Some can look what you believe to be, right at YOU, when in fact, they are looking in your direction, but through practice, are only actually seeing cars. To them, you appear out of nowhere. (smidsy)
    I think the far lane on your left, went based on the car in the other lane moving off. (perpheral vision inspired maybe)
    Can't really say if some looked or did'nt, because they take a glance then go...but all you see, is the go part. :)

    Either way, you've probably learnt to expect that and ride through it all, in control and prepared.
    Were you completely amazed at the cagers or were you feeling your way through the traffic with appropriate expectations?

    Just from the vid alone, i see nothing but the usual kinds of things, that are manageable to a rider who has his 'commuter brain' switched on and working well.

    It is an excellent video for noobs to watch. Thanks.
  15. Is he blaming the van driver for anything? Can't see the van did anything wrong.

    Brrrmm was a bit hot on the van but not excessively so.

    To me the incident is the 4WD/lexus combo. The lexus didn't notice his helmet over the bonnet of the 4WD and we should always be prepared for that.

    In this case the accident was avoided, so he did the right thing. He allowed enough space relative to his velocity and broke appropriately.
  16. Thank you, ibast !
    It seems some in here are very 'quick' to get all hot and bothered and 'point' the finger at someone based on nothing else but their careless misunderstandings.
    Guys, nobody's blaming anybody - Brmmm was kind enough to educate us with his first-hand, real experience and took the time & effort to share this with us all.

    These 2 bold words above are what this forum is about and something more posters in here should consider before 'losing it'...
  17. Instead of praising him for avoiding an accident, I am trying to point out a few things which may have contributed to the incident occuring in the first place (so he can avoid having to avoid things like this, revolutionary concept I know):


    That is why I mentioned shared responsibility for the incident. A car driver would not expect anything so close on the other side of the van. How is that for sharing and educating?
  18. From my observations the OP was doing things right - the fact that he was able to comfortably negotiate the roundabout proves that.

    I think the point is that this exactly what we need to be careful of - it's a good example of what can (and does) happen at any roundabout. I use the roundabout at the top of Elizabeth Street regularly - now that's a roundabout! :)

    Especially with trams going through the middle.

  19. TonyE,
    Mate...that's the roundabout collectively known/agreed as 'The Roundabout Of Death'...

    If any visitor or tourist wanted to visit Melbourne to see chaos anywhere on our streets, that would be the best place to pitch up a tent/fold out chair..and observe ...in horror :LOL:

    On a much smaller scale, the one on Porter St/Fitzsimons Lane (Templestowe) is one I use with extreme caution.
  20. (This reminds me to hurry up and get my GoPro set up!)
    Good thread and video. Thanks for sharing, and for everyone for dissecting.