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Round the roundabout first attempt!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MiSe, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Step by step this is my 7th week with the bike, get to ride it over the weekend as morning and evenings are too scary and cold for a noob! So I left my usual pattern around the block and extended to the next block and following one. Definitely more space to roam and go on a straight line without yields and hills, loved it!! But the best part...roundabouts, I went around and around and around there's a big one and a small one I finally got in 5th gear between the two roundabouts, so smooth!! I think I was going 30ish on the roundabout second gear felt right! But yes! I managed to giveaway and indicate many times (only once I didn't) Going at 50 feels like going at 100 I can only imagine when I'll go at 100 how it will feel like! I've started the day crappy going into neutral and then bloody SUVs jeebus they're so big you can barely see the driver who is usually a woman and they stay waaaay too close!!! Tangent: btw What's up with those things they're big, they've never seen a bit of muck and waste way too much resources for the use made ie picking up kids from school, then drive like jackasses behind smaller cars and L riders, are these frustrated mothers with no interests and lots of money?? Anyway back to roundabouts I'm in a rantabout mode to share this! I've gone so far since my wobbly days!! Loove it, I still don't know what I'm doing in terms of being in control, the bike still doesn't feel like an extension of my body but it's more familiar less big and I'm getting that adrenaline rush from the whole experience!! Loove it!! Anyway me and mozzie bike have a long way ahead lots to learn but super happy about improvements and new ways!! What's your noob experience?? How did you guys/gals start? What was the funniest thing you remember doing or the hardest thing you remember trying to learn? How do you deal with SUVs??

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  2. Well done on expanding your boundaries :)

    Remember theirs no rush so take your time and before long you will be wondering what all the fuss was about :)

    As for my noobiest / funniest experience, filling up for the first time taking off and trying to figure out why the bike kept stalling when I went to take off?

    Took me 3 goes before I figured it out :LOL::woot::LOL:
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  3. Definitely :)
    I haven't filled up yet!! Anything I should know?? ...
  4. Good job, doing slow manoeuvres will certainly improve skills and roundabouts are good for that.

    As for female SUV drivers, or "Soccer-moms"... know one really knows what goes on in their heads, maybe too much nail varnish fumes have rotted their brains out ;)
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  5. Well done MiSeMiSe.

    Exciting times ahead for you as you sample so many new and exciting experiences! You still have so much more to try so I wish you luck and much joy.

    If you think 50 feels like 100 and can't imagine what 100 would feel like, wait until you are doing over 200.........around a bend..........with the front wheel hovering just above the ground.............on a track of course because that's would be highly illegal on the road!! Enjoy!!
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  6. #6 Jeffco, Jun 25, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2016
    Don't forget to put your stand up before you take off :happy:

    As for the SUVs don't stress too much, once they're behind you focus on whats in front of you.

    If they really appear clueless or close move aside if / when you can let them go and forget them :)


    The idiot riding to close used to happen me quite often to me on my Ls.

    Not just SUVs either, as I had long 50 KPH road that I had to travel on to get to work,
    and being a Leaner Id stick to 50.

    A lot of drivers decided to show me what they thought of this by riding my arse, at first it was very daunting but as soon as I made myself forget them and concentrate on what was in front a weight lifted and I believe my concentration improved.
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  7. Going 100 will feel like a momentous achievement on the 125 :D

    As for the tailgating, I assume you've got L plates on? They seem to have the opposite of their intended effect on most drivers....
  8. :DAhahah! I'm kind of glad I drive a small car and have cats ...makes me more of a prevedible crazy cat lady at least everyone knows one day I'll throw cats at people...those women will be like terminator mums teaching their now teenager kids how to tailgate and be the boss And scare L riders!!
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  9. That's a great advice, I've got to learn to stay away from back mirrors, it took me ages with the car, I guess now it's back to the start!! I've been thinking about the choke and the fuel valve but no...simply the stand!! Makes sense!!
  10. Ahahah i heard cb125 at 80 are like a squeezed plum having a coronary attack (if they had a heart...) :) I noticed that people just don't care how hiccuped I am I wanted to stick a sign to my back saying 'bee patient' maybe that'll chill them out!!
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  11. That'll be me in a few years I guess! Yes I've got a Loong way to go :oldman:
  12. Fully agree there...I wish I had a red juice spitting gun in my neck...that'd freak the shit out of them but when they realise I better disappear 3:)
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  13. Hi MiSe,
    just keep on getting out there, you ARE a motorcyclist now, 'L' plate aside :)

    Actually, my experience has been that having a red 'P' plate brings out the aggression more so than an 'L' plate. Especially watch out for tradie utes and white delivery vans (like Toyota Hi-ace style with no side windows)

    If you have a problem area such as performing right hand turns or going around tight little roundabouts, don't avoid them, make those things your challenge to improve on for every ride.

    Transiting roundabouts, don't trust anybody or believe indicators. Do allow yourself time and space to cater for a buffer zone.

    I usually fuel up from jerries at home unless I am out on a long day ride, but with Petrol stations, just take your time and don't rush yourself. Avoid placing your helmet on your bike, it will fall off...

    cheers Fred :)
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  14. Hi MiSeMiSe - where are you located, suggest if Syd or Melb you look put he Sat morning practice threads and head down to meet some bikers and learn some riding skills and tips. From my side, always look where you want to, and own your lane.
    And if you haven't already, find twist if the wrist on YouTube and watch that, great cornering lesson...
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  15. Don't stress, that bike won't do 100km/h
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  16. I'm currently installing rocket launchers on my CBR :whistle: in red of course to match my bike's paint ;)
  17. What a great moment when you ride beyond your immediate neighbourhood and get a taste for where your motorcycle might take you in future. Well done, MiSeMiSe! Especially good that you're gaining confidence about roundabout turns; quite a few Learner riders find them challenging.

    My n00b experience(s); hmm. There was that time I somehow kill-switched the bike on the highway. As I rolled to a stop at the verge, I squeezed the clutch in and pressed the starter - nothing, dead. A couple of minutes later I had gotten to the point of removing the seat and was about to start inspecting fuses when I saw the kill-switch in the off position...:-/ I think I might've even looked around suspiciously to see if anyone (on a deserted stretch of highway) had seen me remove the seat and then surreptitiously click the kill-switch back on.

    As for dealing with SUVs, I keep both a close eye and a healthy distance on them. Sadly, I think some drivers think that right-of-way and proximity is relative to the size of the vehicle and or bull-bar they've got.
  18. The fuel goes in the little hole at the top of the tank... :smug:

    Seriously though: I avoided petrol stations for the first 4 or 5 tanks, as I heard the horror stories of riders losing front wheel traction on diesel spills near the pump.

    Then I bit the bullet and just kept my eyes open when pulling up.

    2 years later, with over 30,000km travelled, no problems at any of the stations I've ever stopped at.

    Just do it... and watch for the tell-tale black patch at your chosen pump.
  19. That's a very handy note! I do agree with you I've got a classification of top 5 idiots to watch out for in the road, the 'hiace tribe' is top 2 after the 'mod cars on meth' they manage to make me loose my temper in a car so I can imagine how abusive can get to bikes but I've got no bumper so I guess I'll have to smarten up and learn zen if not I get killed as they're crazy heads!! That's a good idea, I think I'll do my fuel up that way first time, the petrol station is near a very odd intersection and I'm trying to avoid it...:D Thanks heaps Fred I'll practice a bit on these minor roundabouts...really hope one day to be good at it!!
  20. Hi! I'll eventually be able to join in the Homebush riders but I've got to go through some tricky bits from south so I'm putting it off till I'm roadworthy!! I'll check the vid cheers!! :)