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Round Head Socket Bolts (where to buy?)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by lui, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. Just noticed one of the bolts holding the radiator cowl gone missing, it's the kind with round socket head, like the ones in this picture:


    Any idea where I can buy some? The one I need has 8mm thread diameter, I think it's called M8, probably stainless steel.

    I've seen this kind at Bunnings and Supercheap, but I don't remember seeing the round ones there.

    Are they commonly available? Or should I just go to dealer's workshop to see if they have any?

  2. Bunnings stock these in packs. Make sure you get the correct thread pitch (TPI).
    Not sure what they use on bikes as I refuse to get my hands dirty :)
    They could be BSW UNC UNF BSF or they could be course or fine metric.

    The ones pictured are actually socket drive Button Heads

    Best way to tell if the thread pitch is correct is to line 2 of the fasteners together so the threads slot into one another, if they are a perfect fit, you have the correct thread pitch.
  3. I tried Bunnings for a bike bolt the other day, but eventually found what I wanted at Repco, because they stock automotive-type stuff..
  4. go to any bolt shop with the bike, they will probably even give you it too you, if you only need one
  5. i had no idea that nut and bolt shops existed. This makes me happy.
  6. there are even shops/places you can go to to get screws, but i am not allowed to visit those shops so i am told:rofl:
  7. Those shops are ok Stewy, it's the shops you go to for nuts that are the real concern :p
  8. This is my favourite nut shop.

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  9. If it's "M8" (8mm) then it will be a standard thread pitch. The OP just has to ensure that what he gets is stainless. Otherwise, a month down the track he'll have rust stains running down the bike...
  10. Bunnings have a minimal range of stainless fasteners to choose from, but you may get lucky. Simply go to the nearest bolt shop, they'll help you out.
  11. What about alloy bolts? Do they get rusted as well?

    Yea, very limited. Also checked out Supercheap and Repco, can't find anything suitable. Ended up with some M8 x 20mm alloy socket head from Bunnings. 20mm is too long, need to cut short, so will only use as last resort.

    Someone posted an UK online shop that sells all sorts of motorcycle fasteners, can't find it.
  12. Look in the yellow pages under nuts and bolts, or bolt supplies,
    The nut and bolt Bloke is in Melb.
    All they sell is nuts and bolts, take your bike and they will measure the thread and give you the correct sizes. The have the thread tool guage sizes, similar to feeler guages. but with threads.
  13. +1 Paul - Repco better than bunnings for these, but nut and bolt shops are ideal.
  14. They won't "rust" per se but may corrode if exposed to a corrosive atmosphere.

    I'd stick with stainless myself, if you can source them.

    Having said that I made a couple of stainless brackets to mount my GPS and cycle computer to the handlebars. They're showing signs of rust where the welds are...
  15. Boating shops carry a large selection of stainless fasteners.
  16. I recently discovered (a bit late considering I'm an engineer) that welding will generally buggger up the corrosion resistance of stainless without post-weld treatment (passivation?). How much depends on the grade of SS.
  17. What a load of crap.
    What book did you get that out off,
    You weld stainless with stainless mig wire or Stainless electrodes.
    You just buff off the weld discoloration, The stainless is not affected by the welding process,
    And I am a practising Engineer, not a theoreticasl one that gets my information out of books,
    And My expertise is backed up with 45 years of hard practical experience.

    Engineering Blacksmith, VRTC,
  18. Ummm. Can't remember what book, but my observations over the years of stainless things that have been welded indicates that the welded areas go brown in the rain whereas the non-welded bits don't. Most recently, the supposedly stainless exhaust on my DR650 is merrily turning orange around the welds, as are a large pile of stainless fabrications I see regularly.

    I'm not suggesting that the corrosion will reach anything like the extent that it would in normal carbon steels. It appears to be cosmetic and relatively easy to remove. Nonetheless, the no-maintenance shiny properties of the material appear to have been lost.
  19. I have tracked down some 304 stainless steel socket button head bolts, no one seems to have any in 316 stainless. I read somewhere saying 316 is marine grade and suitable for outdoor use which is preferred, is 304 stainless good enough for motorcycle?