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Round Australia Trip - Need Advice Please!!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by I AM ED, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Me and my brother are planning on travelling around Australia on bikes in about 2 years, but we want to plan ahead, so I've got a few questions...

    Firstly, we were thinking of using similar bikes to what the guys on Long Way Round/Down used - the BMW F800 type thingos, or maybe some KTM tourer bikes - are there any other good/better bikes which would suit this trip? (We plan to go on both sealed and unsealed road i.e. roads out near Uluru and stuff).

    Secondly, what would be a good amount of money to take? or would it be better to use a credit card, as we'll need fuel money and food money, and judt general spending money. The trip is going to take over 5 months, as we plan to stop off at parks and attractions and things like that for a couple days every now and then.

    For those of you who have experience with these kind of trips...what kind of things do you take in the bags and boxes attatched to the bikes? like clothes and wallet and all that? what kind of stuff would you say would be essential for a trip like this?

    Any other advice is greatly appreciated,


  2. Hey Ed,

    Firstly if you're intersted in the beemer F800s have a look at the F800Riders forum (http://f800riders.org/forum/) where you can see others experiences and opinions. I ride an F800ST and after more than a year on it I'm still in luv with it \\:D/, though its not quite the same bike as the GS of course.

    With money definitely take a cc as well as some cash but not too much in cash. Just plan to withdraw more from time to time .. as long as you dont plan to avoid all non-one-horse towns. I prefer to spread cash in several places too .. just in case something gets "lost". Wallet, something amongst the luggage and some under the seat.

    As for what to take .. its kinda personal. Dont take stuff you "might just need". Mandatories though include tools to fix your bike .. not just those provided with the bike .. a decent kit. The rest depends on what and how you are planning to do the trip. Camping or not? Lazily with lotsa time to do laundry and cleanup or not? Have a look at http://www.advrider.com .. you'll find the lists of things others have taken on their trips including around Aus and importantly comments on what they would leave behind next time.
  3. Can't give you an opinion on how much money to carry because it's not a question that can be answered accurately.

    However, IMO you should always carry your wallet in your pocket and not leave it in your luggage, even while riding the bike.
  4. check out adventureRider you def get more info then here.
    I am leaving for a 12 000km trip from Sydney towards Perth and Coral bay in nov this year
    best tip pack light, spare fuel bladder and what ever bike you get if carrying extra load make sure you reinforce the rear sub frame as usually ends up cracking after a fall , whats out for bull dust holes as many riders have been air lifted (that's if you go off road of course the proper way around this beautiful country )

    see you on adventure Rider!
  5. I would just take a normal spending money plus two credit cards/atm cards. For emergency I would tape $100 in different denominations taped somewhere to the bike.

    Your in Australia so I wouldn't be too worried about getting money. 5 months is a good time to take.

    What time of the year are you going? Remember you probably wont want to hit rain season up north.

    I am going accross America this month. All I am taking extra other than clothes is some tools and a puncture repair kit and some emergency water and food. If you plan to go too far off the beaten track make sure you take extra petrol and water.
  6. F800GS is a great bike, take you just about anywhere.

    I'd go the KTM 990 though - but take both for a ride

    Search here for "camping" and as posted above www.advider.com is weeks of reading
  7. If you plan on traveling to the north of Australia make sure you factor in the wet season! Riding a bike in a tropical storm is NOT fun!
    Have a great trip(y)(y)
  8. Long Way Round used R1200GS: totally different to the F800.
  9. Yep, but the f800 would be an arguably better bike.

    also consider DL650 and 1000
    and Honda Transalp (750?)

    I don't think I'd take a single around Oz. It'd drive you nuts on the long straights.

    Round Oz is not the huge outback adventure it once was. A few hundred cash and a debit card should be fine. Also you could probably get away with a road bike. It's only the bit towards Cape York where you are going to want a dirt bike and even then you could get away with a road bike.

    Travel light and DL650 for me.
  10. Your over thinking it if you have 5 months to do it, pack the tent, pannier for clothes, pannier for random crap like food, tubes and tools and throw your tent in a drybag Plan a rough course and go, if your in doubt about conditions call the next police station.
    Money i wouldn't have a clue, it can get expensive or it can be cheap depending on where you are and when your there.
    The KTM uses alot more fuel than the F800, needs more oil changes, rear tyres, valve checks and they both have their quirks that might or might not come up.

    I ride an 800GS, if you get a bigger bike and want to go out i the desert keep it light would be my advice.
  11. To give you an opinion on money, I'm planning to do it at the end of this year over 6 to 8 weeks. I've budgeted as follows:

    16,000km x 6L/100km (DR650) = ~$750 fuel
    $200/wk food/drinks = $1600
    Bike maintenance = $500 (tyres, oil, filters)
    Accomodation = $1000 (planning on camping most of it)

    That total comes in around $4k, and I added an extra grand to that to cover national park entries, a bit of a properly nice sight-see every now and then, and nights out with mates. It'll also help if the bike has something more serious go wrong with it.

    All that is on top of whatever it costs me to set up my bike, by the way.

    Cheers - boingk
  12. The Ktm990's are definitely for those who like to go hard in the rough although it will chew the juice when doing so. I've had me fuel light come on after 180kms of fast trail riding (thrashing) so you pay when your having fun. I've also taken my R100gspd to most places the KTM goes just at a more sedate pace. Maybe consider your riding style and what you'll use the bike for when you get home.
  13. I'm thinking...'tool'!!