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Round Australia Trek October 07

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jillGPX, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. My long time dream and New Years Resolution was to do an around Australia trip by motorbike, so the planning has begun. None of the plans are set in concrete, will depart Perth probably early October and will take possibly 60-90 days.
    Should coincide with WA Pilgrimage to PI Oct 07, at least for the nullabour crossing.
    Mainly coastal with a couple mountainous diversions, would love to hear of any spots/roads that should be on the "must see" list.
    Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles are first on the list, but any spots up the East coast, tip and NT (or maybe inland) Id really love to know about.
    I'll be doing it on a GSXR and would be interested to hear of anyone whos interested in doing some or even all of the trek. Im very ok with doing it solo, but as most of you know its much more betterer with a couple more bikes :)

    If anyone has links to similar treks Id love to have a read also.
    If anyones interested http://www.ozbiketrek.com/
    :grin: Im excited

    Look forward to hearing about spots on the east coast, SA and NT I have to see :)
    PS I love little country pubs (for the atmosphere, not a big beer drinker :roll: and little country bakeries (with a reputation) rate high on the places to visit :p and at least one mountain will be climbed :) Open to suggestions there also.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Fantastic, sounds like a great adventure! :)
  3. And so you should be!

    I'm impressed with your sense of 'Derring-Do' :grin:

    Thanks for the advance notice - Netrider SA should be able to organise a guard of honour for your arrival with 9 months notice :LOL:

    Depending on the timing of your arrival, I may be able to meet you in Pt Augusta and join you riding into Adelaide ( via the scenic route)

  4. An Adventure.

    Good Luck Jill, Its quite an adventure you have set yourself. Perhaps we can catch up when you come through Victoria for a ride or coffee. Good Luck.
  5. Sounds like a great plan Jill! East coast of Australia??....one of my fav roads I did was from Urunga to Bellingen to Dorrigo to Ebor (and back to Urunga again). The Bellingen to Dorrigo bit is especially nice. :) When you arrive at Ebor there's a little service station/cafe there which seems popular with bikers. This is in NSW.

    The Great Alpine road was brilliant. Snowy Mtn hwy. Both in Vic.

    I'll get back to you with more tips once I check the map for proper names etc.
  6. Life is one big trip Jill, this is but one of them.

    Good to hear of you doing this and living life not just being a passenger in life. You will have so many memories, the whales at Head of the Bight just esat of Nullarbor Roadhouse is well worth the $10 admin, June to Sep from memory. Good fun map of that lower section http://www.nullarbornet.com.au/maps/nullarborM.html
  7. thanks guys and girls :)

    Graeme, that would be great. Will keep in touch as it gets closer - the scenic route into Adelaide... perfect :)

    cjvfr, same deal, would love to catch up with a few Victorians as I plan on spending a reasonable chunk of my touring/climbing/just enjoying the scenery time in Victoria. Would love to hear of some of your favourite rides.

    Rosie, thanks for those tips, the little servo/cafe at Ebor is highlighted and included in the itinerary :) and the other spots... when it comes to plotting all these destinations, hopefully I can get most of them to link up!

    Davo, thankyou, I should be there early-mid October so might get to see some whales, if not the cliffs will do just fine. Head of the Bite *included.
    I pick up the GSXR next week... then Im gonna be reallly excited :) Will have to look at the rest of the year but I might even leave earlier than October, will see how it goes.
  8. Goodonya Jilly.

    Well a detour to Wilsons Prom is a must. Coast road up to Woolangong, Deli trail ride through Gippsland (cheese, wine, smoke houses). Dandenongs / black spur ride, Grand ridge road through Gippy, i could go on forever about Gippy up to Wooly in NSW.
    If you need some where to stay your more than welcome here for as long as you need (30 mins ish from P Island).
    Get here early enough to do the Barry Sheen ride to the island with us.
  9. Well when you get up here to Cairns there are some really great roads to ride. There is the Palmerston Hwy which goes from Innisfail to Millaa Millaa which is fairly open winding road. Then there is the Gillies range that goes from Gordonvale to Malanda which is an awesome road, something like 150 corners in 19km. Then there is also the Rex range that is near Port Douglas (turn off Captain Cook Hwy near Mossman and goes up to Mareeba). Also for a shorter ride there is the Kuranda Range which on north side of Cairns and is good but you sometimes get hung up in traffic.

    Not only is there great roads but also if you want to see some sights then there is plenty on the tablelands and around Cairns/Port Douglas to do.

    I live pretty much at the bottom of the Kuranda range so if you want any more info then pm me. Oh and I have a spare room :wink:
  10. Grand Ridge Road Warning

    Hi, I noticed Woodsy mentioned the Grand Ridge Road in Gippsland. I would recommend staying on the tarmac section if you are on your own. The dirt section is interesting but quite isolated and rough, If you are going to do it best to find a Victorian to do it with. Last time I did it my fellow traveller had a bike puncture an we had to pull the wheel off his bike and trip into Leongatha with the wheel on the back to get a new tyre. It would have been a long walk on his own.

    Spectacular road, and I would say worth seeing but beware. :)
  11. Woodsy, I have ridden all the roads you mentioned :applause: heaven on a stick to live there (apart from the heat)
  12. Couple of things there. I went around Australia in a 4WD in six months, Sept to Mar, Melbourne to Melbourne. 90 days is a very short time to go all the way around if you want to see stuff. I guess I did take two months to do the centre of Australia first, and visited lots of family, but even so. You may want to allow a bit more time, or not have a "must be home" date, or an "I'm out of money" constraint.

    You will be travelling not only in the hot time of the year up North, but in the wet season, although the rains seem to be getting later each year. I was stranded in floods around Mt Isa for a few days in January, had to drive through metre deep water in Kakadu to get to the interesting bits, and missed a lot of the good bits in QLD and the Kimberly because roads were closed and/or impassable. Plan for 45°C days as you will get a few.

    Don't let me dissuade you though. I enjoyed it heaps, and would do it again, maybe on a motorbike, maybe slower.

    Mount Warning, about 15Km South West of Murwillumbah, in QLD. 100Km South of Brisbane. I did it on a hot and humid day of low cloud and poor visibility, but it was still a great walk, and quite a challenge. Any good bushwalker could do it, as it doesn't require real climbing. Well, not much anyway, and assisted by chain ropes. :grin:
  13. Thanks guys, all notes taken and some points to do added. Thanks heaps for offers of a accommodation, might take you up on that as it gets closer, will keep in touch. If it gets too hard to organise though Im just gonna throw the tent up in a caravan park.

    Good news is Ive had the GSXR now for a couple of weeks. Dropped its oil and first chain adjust, then took a test run down to Augusta on the weekend to see how I/the bike travel. All went swimingly, spent 5 1/2hrs straight in the seat, cept for a quick lunch break, take pics and fuel stops. Im having a bit of difficulty finding hard panniers for the GSXR, but I'll get there.

    Im thinking of leaving earlier than October, still chewing that one over.
    Anyone know of any universal fit hard panniers that I could get custom brackets made for? Ventura make racks for the K7 GSXR, Im thinking I might get them and then add more brackets to hold some universal panniers?? Any ideas appreciated?
  14. Recommend Givi Panniers

    Hi Jill, I have Givi paniers on my VFR, I well recommend them. Not sure about non standard fitting but they are great in terms of security, lockable, waterproof and capacious. They have a single key to release I have been impressed with them over many K's of touring.

  15. yeah the Givis are great, would be perfect. I just need to see a set in a shop to make sure I "can" fit them to my bike with some custom brackets.. will check out Total Motorcycles in Vic Park next time Im in Perth