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Round about ??????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mick No:8, May 18, 2008.

  1. I think that 85% of drivers on the road don't know what to do at round about. Have been riding for about 5-6 month now (everyday) and I still get tense when approaching a round about. Had God knows how many near misses with car drivers. Does anyone feel the same?

  2. I prefer a swag myself, but I won't knock back a free tent at every round-about :LOL:

    I find on a bike you generally have to approach round-abouts with less speed and more caution than required in a car. Driving a cage has the advantage that if someone else fcuks up their round-about maneuvers you're fairly well protected.
  3. Sorry :LOL: :LOL: I mean tense. :p
  4. Yep. I always tend to approach round-a-bouts with a little more caution than other intersections. You can never be too careful. I couldn't count the amount of times cars have pulled out in front of me on one. Cagers don't really have a fear of being hit by a bike as the damage and injury we can cause is minimal.
  5. It rained pretty heavily here in Forest Lake (Brisbane) on Saturday afternoon. Took the opportunity to wash the car, and after watching no less than 5 near-misses in 15 minutes at the roundabout just out front of my place, i've come to the conclusion that people are stupid.

    Really, roundabouts tend to be treated by cages as straight pieces of road, not as intersections. Even moreso when they can't see the other side due to hedges or whatever, which is absolutely ridiculous.

    Bottom line, I don't like roundabouts - or more correctly, the people that use them. :p
  6. +2

    Once I went into this roundabout, noticing that the car coming from the right was a far distance away. A four wheel drive came screaming from my left ( I had right of way, but he’s got four walls so he wins) and cuts me off, going at about 60km/h. I ALWAYS check that both lanes are clear before going into the r-about, but he was going so quickly that I didn’t see him. Had to e-brake to avoid hitting him, and stalled the bike.

    Guess what the idiotic driver from my right – who by then was near the roundabout – did? Why, he went OVER the round about, and came about 5 inches from the front of my tire, of course! Who cares about the rider, who is CLEARLY in the r-about already?

    Mind you that was when I first started riding, and I hope I’ve improved since then. But yes, cagers are beyond stupid. They’re “TOOPIDâ€. Their brain cells are beyond broken, they are “borkenâ€.

    Jeff shares my sentiments. He got cut off the other day by another four-wheel drive, and nearly went down. Off he rode to catch up with the woman, stopped and parked the bike in her way so she had to stop. Tapping on her window he asked:

    “ What the **** do you think you were doing cutting me off like thatâ€

    Petite Asian Woman screams: “YOU TALK NICE TO WOMAN OR YOU **** OFF!!!†:evil: :evil: :evil:

    Jeff: (stunned) Whaaa? :eek:

    PAW screams: “YOU TALK NICE TO WOMAN OR YOU **** OFF!!! YA???

    Jeff: (owned...) …….ok… :shock:

    *walks back to bike and takes off*

    Lesson: Even when they’re in the wrong, cagers think they own the world. And don’t piss petite Asian women off.
  7. Fixed that for you. Sorry, but the number of times I've had to take evasive action in my car to avoid a collision with a motorcyclist that's sped through a roundabout in front of me... :?
  8. I personally prefer round abouts SO much more than lights. At lights you run the risk of some idiot screaming through a red and taking you out, at a roundabout everyone must give way to those already in - or at least slow down to check who is approaching on their right.

    Therefore, as long as YOU are using the roundabout correctly you should never be in danger (as you will have slowed down to check for traffic). At a traffic lights intersection the flow of traffic does not allow you the luxury of approaching cautiously - without disturbing the normal flow of traffic, you are nearly completely required to put your life in in the hands of others. Scary!
  9. You're assuming that the people checking their right will see you in the first place.
  10. I can't believe that people don't know how to indicate through a roundabout.

    I ALWAYS indicate into a roundabout and then out of a round about.

    so if I'm passing one road coming into the round about indicate in, then when you're coming up to your exit, indicate you're moving out of the round about.

    Though I never take indicators for granted on other people.... I always watch the front tire before moving into a round about (if they're steering out, I'll move in, but untill I see that I stay put)

    Edit: for spelling
  11. Indicators on a car are for showing that the driver intends to turn sometime in the near future, or has turned recently and forgotten to switch it off.

    The only thing that you know for sure when you see a car indicating is that their indicator works.
  12. oh thats golden!
  13. +1
  14. what is your indication, for proceeding straight through a round-a-bout? which direction do you indicate?
  15. You always indicate right when entering a roundabout, and then indicate left when 90 degrees to the exit you wish to take. Pretty simple really, need to know this stuff to pass your L's from memory.
  16. Bullshit.
  17. :shock: :shock:
    well, i'm pretty sure the road rules are now uniform (happy to be corrected) but-
    so, when entering a roundabout to proceed straight through, you actually do not indicate, but only need to indicate when exiting ;)
  18. Here in the ACT where God first deposited roundabouts on the planet (not really, but we do love them here) the rule is that if you are turning left at a roundabout, you indicate left before entering: if you are turning right, you indicate right before entering and if you are not doing either of those, you dont indicate prior to entering. However (and this is wher the confusion starts), once you are on the roundabout, you indicate left as you are about to exit (remembering that there can be any number of exits on one of the really fun roundabouts).

    That's cleared that up now, hasn't it?
  19. what's a roundabout? :grin:
  20. im born and bred in canberra, mate ;)
    thats how i know roundabouts :)