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N/A | National Round 9 Laguna Seca

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Those that have been there before are giving Marquez some tips :)

  2. OOPS that should say round 9 not round 8.

    Can a mod fix please?
  3. Ah, I forgot that he hasn't been there before because the little bikes don't go there. He will need to learn fast.

    Maybe Marquez and Rossi can collide on the corkscrew and Crutchlow will win?
  4. Should be an amazing race. MM doing a great job of keeping it upright for a young bloke. He is only getting better so he is well placed to win the championship *if* he can keep it up.
  5. Thanks Smee!

    Hayden confirmed yesterday he's leaving Ducati.
  6. It's a shame Moto2 doesn't race here
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  7. I'm going for the win for Crutchlow, no good reason other than I want him to break up the Spain and Italy show, and just because he's cool :D
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  8. FP1

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  9. I'd love to see Cal win one but I think MM is just going to get stronger.
  10. One of my favourite circuits to watch racing on
  11. I'm disappointed no Moto2 though. It would be an absolute cracker on this circuit.
    Might have to watch the Moto2 race from Motegi in 2012 again. Marquez is on the front row of the grid, misses the start as his bike is in neutral.
    On the first lap he goes from 28th to 9th and ends up winning the race !
    Here is footage from his bike on the first lap.
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  12. Sensational, I hadn't seen that.
  13. I have the 2012 season on DVD and that race gets the most viewings.
    But that footage from his a actual bike isn't on it.
    Awesome to watch though. Nuts for a first lap
  14. How about that front row? I didn't see that coming!
  15. Will be a very interesting first lap.
  16. Would love a Crutchlow, Rossi, Bradl finish. That would mix things up a bit!
  17. mm over rossie at the cork-
    now thats entertainment.
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