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N/A | National Round 8 - Germany - Sachsenring

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by KANGA, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Jlos out!

  2. Poor bugger, just doesn't know how to back off, not in his genes.
  3. Amazing, the screws into his bones held and the plate bent!!
  4. [​IMG]
    damn its like his first season again, king of the high side the poor bugger
  5. ouch.

    hope he recovers quickly...
  6. Well, there goes most of the interest in the season out the window. Now it's just which Honda.
  7. And that is why you should wait until the last minute to tip!

    What a shame for J Lo, but fortunately the competition will still be very lively, I think.

    I've started to be interested in Smith. He has shown consistent improvement so far this season. Where will it get him to?
  8. Pedrosa just binned it
    Exit turn one in practice
  9. He he he. CRT bike 2nd on the timesheets
  10. Motogp FP3

    Moto2 FP3
  11. Two Espargarinos in second place for MotoGP and Moto2
  12. I said last year I was really looking forward to this season.
    With Lorenzo out and Pedrosa either out or injured for this race, Marquez could take the lead in the championship.

    I'm really enjoying seeing the championship lead constantly changing! Very exciting.

    Hope Rossi gets a good start & puts up a good fight too.
  13. Rossi looking like a pretty good chance for a win. Although Marquez does seem to be knocking out pretty consistent numbers
  14. crutchlow or marquez to win
    i put 2,300 on marquez last night so i must have had a feeling

    proceeding start 7pm EST
  15. I think Rossi is a contender again, Assen boosted his confidence and I think they've finally got his bike in that happy place. 300 down for Vale.

    But I really think Marquez is hungry for a win and feels he can bring it home now that Jorge and Dani are injured. I also put 100 on Marc.

    It'll be a great race.
  16. Timings after q2
  17. Crutchlow photo bombs Marquez
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  18. looking forward to this race, caught some of FP2 last night and looks like a good race will occur, im actually glad lorenzo and pedrosa are out so that some other riders can tussle up the front. Got bets on mark 1k, cal 200, and rossi for 220.

    if someone outside of that group wins ill be pretty mad
  19. espargaro is whooping arse on the CRT- give him a proper bike
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  20. Just started but it's looking like it'll be an amazing race