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NSW Round 50cent peices

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by hickson, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. hello guys im after some of those round 50cent peices
    i am willing to pay $5 each per coin.

    if you have any could you let me know.


  2. Can I ask why?
  3. so he can make 10 bux :D
  4. Ah the old buy for 5 and sell for 10 deal...

    i'm with ya

    don't think ive seen one before, are they new or old?
  5. 1966 and are actualy valued at 3 bux each
  6. my parents had them when i was little, now we dont have them anymore, spent them or put them in the bank when i was young. i'm sure there the old ones i havent seen them for years
  7. so thats why
  8. they were changed iirc to the current shape as vision impaired people could have severe difficulties telling a 50c from a 2 bob coin.
  9. who remembers those massive $5 coins, imagine a few of those in your wallet
  10. Hey Hickson, I have 2 of them but they arent for sale sorry.
    Part of my collection, just started when I was a little un and have at least from every year.

    Good luck, they would be like hen's teeth now
  11. I know someone who has a whole passel of them

    he ain't selling though

    (I remember them when they were new; 14th of February 1966 :))
  12. I remember reading years ago the reading impared reason to remove was a bit of a lie.

    Truth was that the silver content in them became worth a lot more than 50 cents so people could melt them down, take the silver and make a nice profit!

    Bad business when the metal content in a coin has more value than it's face value.
  13. arrh! i'm havin a hard time getting some
  14. that's the ticket.
  15. sweet thanks OscarA.
  16. The silver value of a round 50c piece is currently $8.99 - I know this because I'm currently working through the value of a heap of coins that my wife's late father had.

    That's just the raw bullion value - not the value of any collectable ones.

    The silver value can be substantial - pre 1947 threepenny bits are $1.10 and post 1947 are 60 cents. In fact all pre decimal currency coins are worth a fair bit more than their face value for the silver content. Pre 1945 are worth significantly more.
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  18. Dammit!!

    My dad who passed away early 2008 was an avid collector of coins and he had many 50c coins incl the round ones. There were Capt Cook ones, Com Games ones etc.

    I went looking for them but have a feeling my brother beat me to it. He had American silver dollars too and they've gone walkabout as well.

    I gots to go round to see mum anyway and I'll have another good look - any success and I'll give you a hoy.

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Not open for further replies.