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Round 2 - Americas

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Mouth submitted a new Sportsbook Event:

    Round 2 - Americas

    Place your wagers here...

  2. heres hoping for another close race!
  3. ROSSI!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. Not a chance, back to 5th! 4th at best
  5. Lorenzo will crash again! Rossi will battle through the younger riders and get on the podium. Maybe there will be a titanic battle between him and Marquez, with Marquez winning.
  6. Hopefully a few more can be at the pointy end.

    What's up with TEN though, no replay at a respectable hour, no Moto2 and Moto3.
    Just reality shows about brainswashed people that already worship the illusion and want you to hate yourself and worship their pathetic illusion too. I definitely won't have a reason to watch anything at all on TV soon. Why wouldn't advertisers insist on putting MotoGP at a respectable hour ? and they wonder why their share price has tanked. They need to get rid of their female communist centric programmers and get some men with balls in there that ain't scared to standup and shout down these pathetic people that think they've taken over.
  7. Find a Foxtel. All three live. Speed channel. For a decent hour contact event organiser or try Foxtel iQ.
  8. Love this track!

    Marquez should feel at home at this is where he grabbed his first MotoGP win.

    Go Marquez!
  9. MMMMarquezzzzzzz! Lorenzo on podium
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    Haha…you think Lorenzo had enough of a jump start?

    Race was not as exciting because of the lack of battles going on. Marquez had it from the beginning!

    I'd be willing to place money that Marquez sets a new record this year for most podiums or even most 1st place podiums in a single season.

    Legend in the making!

    He's just that good.
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  11. Oopssss! That was totally freaky. What did Lorenzo do?! Even coming from last he made it to 10th. Imagine what he might have done had he started right.
  12. Yep, good effort from Lorenzo. Must have had a brain fart at the beginning. Pressure will be on now…he'll need Marquez to crash out a couple of times, or have mechanical problems in a few races to come back though.

    What the hell happened to Rossi? He had 3rd at the beginning and ended up finishing 8th?
  13. Yeah. That too. He was sitting pretty and suddenly , it was as if his tyres were gone to he lost power. Good for Pedrosa tho. '
  14. fcuking yaawwnnnn.
  15. Was good to see the duke being ridden well. That would have pleased Rossi no end.
  16. Rossi finished where he belongs. His time has passed.
  17. Rossi's tyres went really early according to the post race interview.
  18. It would have to be. He was really riding well and would have made third when all of a sudden he started slowing down. Even at Qatar he rode a great race. I too thought his time was over but I reckon he could still teach a lot of young uns a thing or two.
  19. There was hardly any focus on mm- it was just like- 'yeah he is going to win, what else can we focus on' I also thought Rossi had had it but enjoyed watching him in Qatar.... Lorenzo needs to step up to make this interesting.
  20. Interesting to see a Ducati on the podium, though the spot was left vacant by the Yamahas.

    I was hoping that Iannone would maintain third until the end, but I guess he didn't pick a pace he could maintain all race.

    Complete domination by Repsol Honda.