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N/A | National Round 15 MotoGp Motegi

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by itchin, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Looks like a wet race Rossi is a demon in the wet.

  2. At the moment Lorenzo is showing him how to ride it.
  3. Yeh hope his visor dont fog up!
  4. Great work by Pedroza and bad luck for Lorenzo. Hope he can hang on to third at least.
  5. Hasnt Pedrosa fired up in the last 2 rounds good win. PI should be awesome.
  6. Very interesting few weeks coming up. Wish I could be at PI.
  7. Same here mate. I will be glued to the teev.
  8. Likewise..
  9. Looks like I missed a great race today. Looking forward to PI.....
  10. Cracking race. Totally unexpected from Pedrosa. I thought t was all over when JP got 3 seconds out. Have to say i'm still rooting for Vale in the championship though.
  11. Actually I would like to see Pedrosa win a championship. He is a good rider and has kept trying but never quite making it. I know he is out of contention this year but I hope he gets one before he decides to call it a day. I like both Rossi and Lorenzo. Rossi is having fun, has a great personality, and is putting back something into MOTOGP future. Lorenzo is more business like but a great rider with lots of skill. Both deserve the win and it is certainly frosty in the Yamaha camp at present.
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  12. I think Pedrosa's always going to be the bridesmaid unfortunately, although he's been great the last few weeks. Again he's never been consistent enough and up against the usual favourites of MM/JL/VR his time's running out fast.
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  13. Man......I want to be at Phillip Island for the next race.
  14. I cant wait for PI this weekend. Just hope I've got a bike to ride down
  15. It's amazing how one race can change your view of somebody.
    I didn't like pedbot but after taking it to vale in the last race I'd like him to win one.
    I don't want Vale to win another. I have much respect for his longevity and ability I just think he's a bit of a toss.
  16. He just has personality.
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    Last edited: Oct 12, 2015
    Danni for PM.. so glad his recovered from his arm pump problems, starting to see glimpses of Danni 2006.
    Hopefully no more injuries for him but that really seems implausible for someone who spends more time in the hospital than on track.

    Can't wait for friday to roll on, even the weather gods seem to favor Rossi.
    Will be bonkers if he ends up with the crown, public holiday in Italy and all.

    I still think Whoregay has the better odds of winning the championship but would love to see Vale make it 10 across the classes.
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  18. My first trip to PI this weekend.

    Will be the last hurrah for the P plate too.

    This is gonna be awesome. Loving the racing this season.