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Round 1 - Qatar

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Mouth, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Mouth submitted a new Sportsbook Event:

    Round 1 - Qatar

    Place your wagers here...

  2. Pedrosa, Lorenzo, Rossi ... in that order!
  3. nah, reverse that order man!

    do or die Vale, its ur last big season and u know it!
    next year he'll be lucky to consistently make top 5.
  4. I doubt Rossi will be in the top 10!
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  5. Didn't we start with $1000 last year ? Even if my $20,000 didn't carry over I thought I'd be able to place a $500 wager ???

    Ah, I see only $200 stake. Could be over early this year :)
  6. what happened to qualifying on one hd? thought I'd taped it but not there
  7. Interesting that you left MM out there.
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  8. I was wondering the same thing till I read that 10 Network has done a deal with ripoff rupert....no moto 2/3 either....@ 10 Network....yur a bunch of money hungry kunts,,,not happy
  9. Foxtel sports, so speed channel all live including free practice, also WSBK, worth the money right there when you factor in season passes
  10. Rossi in 5th at best. The best thing about him in this race is his new LED helmet :hilarious:

    Usual suspects - I'm going with Lorenzo, Marquez & Pedrosa in that order.

    Bautista in 4th.
  11. Am I reading the time sheets wrong, or are there only 12 riders for Moto GP?
  12. Qualifying 2 only has 12. The rest were in qualifying 1.
  13. Not convinced his leg will hold-up in race conditions, without impacting his performance.
    Certainly some interesting qualifying and poll positions.
    I'll be at the race :)
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  14. Thanks, didn't think it was right.
  15. No one likes a smart-aleck, Jason :LOL:
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  16. Half your luck, enjoy.
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  17. What a race. Well, young Marc just started his year with a bang (and so did Lorenzo!). Rossi ain't going out quietly either.
  18. Well, young Marc just started his year with a bang

    so did young Master Miller I believe.....
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  19. Agreed, Miller is one to watch in the future