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rough price indicator

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tj jockey, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. can someone with knowledge of bikes give me an idea on price for an 05 yamaha virago with 14000 k's. i have no idea whatsoever, it was my uncles bike and he gave it to me. its to small for me to ride so its going and im getting a bigger cruiser for highway trips. any ideas would help thanks


  2. what engine size? Although I'm guessing that cause it's "too small" for you, it's probably a 250
  3. sorry yeah it is a 250. its the basic basic bike of theirs but its solid. and i think im more to fat then the bike to slow... hahahaah
  4. Mid to High 4's I'd reckon, if it's in great nick
  5. high 3's
  6. Check out bikesales, bikepoint and the tradingpost. That'll give you a good idea.
  7. where you from?

    im intrested :D
  8. there is also

    ausbikeprices .com
  9. $3800 ish I reckon, it is only a 250 after all albeit one of the more reliable 250's out there, having said that, although never ridden one I imagine a 250 cruiser to be seriously gutless...
  10. Nothing of similar vintage on Bikesales under $4900 - I reckon you guys are selling him short. I've looked at these before and knew they were up around there.
  11. im in brisbane on the southside
  12. Mid to high 3k I bought mine for four and half thousand 97 model with 18k on the spedo good luck with your new bike hope you find what your after
  13. Bought mine '06 model 2k km for $4.8k 1.5 mths back. You do the sums on an 05!