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Rough idle / hesitation after picking up from panel beaters

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by CBRKelly, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Hey folks,

    Before i spin up the issue, my bike is a 93 Honda CBR-1000F.

    Keeping in mind my mechanical knowledge is basically useless, I left my bike with a panel beater for a couple weeks following an incident where someone pushed it over in the city recently.... He's done a magnificent job on it but err, when I picked her up today, she ran like arse... i put it down to not having been started in couple weeks but it didnt get better when it warmed up, nor all the way home.

    I'm experiencing very rough idle, now i know being a carburetor engine you will always get a bit of needle dancing/fluctuation on the tacho but its FAR worse then ever been before, and under average acceleration you can feel the odd bit of hesitation /pull back..

    I think its safe to say its gotta be the fuel system, or has it? the bike runs 98 octane fuel which apparently goes off fairly quick, but i've run it on that for 2 yrs now and never had the bike run like this on me. Plus i had the carbies balanced by Honda amongst a bunch of other things done (cam chain / tensioner replaced) a mere 1,000kms ago.

    Another symptom i noticed upon getting the bike home (leaving it running on its side stand while i open garage) is when i pulled bike back off side stand to ride it into garage it gave me the clear indication it was hoping to stall out but then it shifted itself back up the normal 900ish rpms,.... so didnt like being moved back to centre which its NEVER done on me before..

    Somethings obviously gunked up / shit itself.. suggestions on what to check? as mentioned, my mechanical knowledge is useless... could be a trip to Geoff Taylor Honda in Dandenong i fear.. problem is they'll no doubt charge me $500+ to do something simple....

    OOOORRR, i could chuck a helpful young chap here a couple of slabs of beer/spirits of their choice to come and investigate (im in sth eastern burbs of melbourne, berwick to be exact)

    Cheers for any help you might have on this one folks, i really appreciate it.. HATE my baby running badly
  2. What I would do, before going further is to drain the fuel tank completely, and refill with fresh fuel, some Nulon fuel system cleaner and say 200 mls of methylated spirits. If you feel mechanically inclined and have a service manual, you could also drain the carburettor float bowls at the same time.
    I think you just have some bad fuel and maybe water (via condensation) in the system.
    As you also dropped it before taking it to the beaters, iy may have stirred up some crud in the tank too. Which is why I like to run a fuel filter on my bikes.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. helloooooooo fellow cbr1kf owner!

    things to ponder...

    panel beaters -
    your airbox hooks directly to the side fairings on both sides, were the fairings installed correctly or are they restricting the flow of air to the carbs?
    i have had the very same issue after stripping, cleaning and then putting my girls going-out-clothes back on.

    fuel filter - it just may be gunked up, it is also in the same vicinity of the side fairing and could have been upset by being tipped over.

    carbs - bikes dont like to be on their side, knowing it has had a tumble, i would be doing as andrew has said and running some flush through her to ensure there is no crap in the needle & seat, floats etc.
    also note that after such a fall your carbs could be knocked out of sync. the 93's arent all that difficult to sync just need the right tool.

    other than that and what has been suggested above, because you say you arent mechanical, i would wang her in for a service and get everything done....that is if $$$permitt

    good luck :)
  4. Thanks a bunch for the feedback guys...

    The only thing i've done thus far to try and rectify it is to pull off the side covers and check to make sure nothing is obstructing air flow to the box... also pulled out air filter (of which was replaced a mere 1,000kms ago) and it appeared to be very clean.. albeit a tad damp i think, and smelled of petrol fumes (is that normal?) ... so i think its safe to say it must be relative to the fuel system.. its just odd that it was perfect before leaving it with panel beater and now its running like arse until you give it a good amount of throttle... idling is when it appears its worst of all.

    I asked panel beater if he knew what might have caused it, apparently the only thing he took off the bike during his work on it was the rear tail piece (back light assembly etc.), seat, and one of the side covers..... so we're all scratching our heads as to how this could've happened...

    I fear gunked up carbs, of which has happened around 9 months ago... they were so bad, bike was running on 2 or 3 cylinders only.. so it had to be trailered to the shop for carb strip / clean ... tank was full of crud too, they flushed that and installed a fuel filter for me too (alongside cleanout of carbs and resyncing) .. came to total of $500.... but bike is running on 4 cylinders this time.. i know that.... i PRAY its something minor like shitty fuel this time as cant afford the repair costs to get carbs cleaned at the moment and want my baby in good order as we head into summer :( hell they were only cleaned / synchronised a mere 1,000kms ago!

    ARRRGHH wish i had half a clue on how to clean carbs (*IF* thats even whats wrong) but like i said before, not in the least bit mechanically minded :( :(
  5. i agree that it is most likely fuel delivery issue

    flush and clean