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Rothmans CBR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pringa8, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Saw on of these parked in an alley yesterday. Never heard of a release but its looks awesome I reckon!

  2. Something custom?

    Cigarette advertising has been banned from sports, yeah?

    I guess that's why we didn't hear of it's release.

    --[Rothmans was last advertised by Honda in the 2004 GP when Doohan was riding, I think :?: ]--
  3. the 2007 RS125 is sporting the Lorenzo special "Spain's #1" (Fortuna cigarettes) paint scheme (though i think they had to resort to using their catchphrase in place of their brand-name to slip through the loop-hole)
    I remember in one of the pommy mags a year or so ago, one of the editorial staff put his cbr in for the Rothman's treatment

    personally i fcuking love cigarette advertising on sportsbikes. complete statement of hedonism. "whether i die tomorrow from a high-speed crash or in a decade from lung cancer, i'm here for a good time, not a long time". the last remnants of the old Grand Prix era, where you'd rock up to the starting grid still hungover from partying and shagging birds all night, do some coke off the petrol tank and get down to racing. fcuking rockstars, man.
  4. Yeah cigarette advertising on bikes was great - smoking is one of the few things that actually makes riding look safe :LOL:.
  5. judging by the tape holding the air duct covers to the tank cover, its an aftermarket hong kong fairing set.
    They sell complete sets on ebay for around $600+ shipped.
    Quality of paint/fitment varies quite a bit from the reports Ive seen on 600rr.net
    not sure if this link will work:
    but basically theres heaps to choose from, but quality is nowhere near as good as OEM. Theyre a good option for people who crash their bikes and dont have full comprehensive insurance.
  6. cigarettes still sponsor motoGP

    Go!!!!!!!! = Gauloieses (french Cigarettes)

    Spain's No 1 = Fortuna

    Biaggi was sponsored by Camel

    and Stoner rides for Marlboro Ducati

    they still run cigarette sponshorship in qatar


    that CBR looks awesome

    it is a throwback to the 500GP two stroke era
  7. Yep, even Honda is now trying to cash in on that image
    Shouldn't be too long before someone starts offering aftermarket stickers to complete the look.
  8. What's the chances of more than one of these things?? The one I saw looked like factory colours, it was just too good to be aftermarket.

    Funnily enough I was talking about cigarette sponsorship in motorsports and how dissappointing that it was taken away (i dont smoke either, dont care). Anyone remember The Triple Challenge at the Creek? No way you could do that these days without cigarette cash!
  9. and dont forget chris
  10. It's a really cool paint job, but the advertising stickers are unnecessary. Just the paint job would look even better.
  11. there is no sexier paintjob than a John Player Special (JPS) racing machine. some of their more famous efforts:
    Senna's F1 car:
    Jim Richards BMW M6:

    in any games where you can make a custom race team (eg. motogp3), i always make mine a jps race team. nothing says sex like black and gold. imagine a JPS-Lamborghini F1 team - raw carbon fibre bodywork with gold JPS stickering and a big gold lambo bull on the engine cowl... once designed this in a cracked version of Geoff Crammond's GP4 - looked horn. unfortunately had to wipe the harddrive... sad day...

    i swear i do have a life. well, i do now that GP4 is gone :cry:

  12. you can get them on ebay Linky :wink:
  13. :WStupid:
  14. I stood in a Honda showroom and watched the sales guys 'sticker up' a CBR with all the Rothmans stuff. Not sure how long they'll last in the rain tho.
  15. i did my first vehicle vinyl at work today.
    these things are hardy, you'd be surprised
  16. I think those after market fairings look hot! Probably cheaper to buy than OEM fairings too.