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Rotating Noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by MADAZ_ROTARY, May 24, 2007.

  1. Hey all just though i would say Hi,

    My name is Aaron, im 22 and i live in Tasmania. My passions are rotary's, motorbikes, motorsport and music.

    I am booked to go for my L's in a few weeks which wont be a problem (hopefully) as i have done a bit of riding out in the country (shhhhh dont tell the fuzz) and found riding very natural. i have decided to get a bike as daily transport instead of a 2nd cage (the only cage i like driving is a car with a roll cage and powered by a rotary :p ) and i cant afford to drive my RX3 everyday so i thought a bike would be the way to go.


  2. Just don't go buying a Suzuki RE-5 as a cheap commuter then ;). Welcome to Netrider.
  3. Hahaha piston power will be the way to go for a bike (i hope the rotary gods dont make me throw an apex seal :p :LOL: )

    I love rotarys but one money pitt is enough for me :cool:

    I cant wait to get my licence so i can go riding and finally get a road bike (had a dirt bike which was great) so i can go riding with mates and get around with out using half a weeks pay in petty :LOL:

  4. dude, some of us here are revheads also !

    So, what kind of rotary ???

    RX3 . . . so i'm guessing 12A PP ? :grin:
    Or something exotic like a 13b-tt from a series 6 ???
  5. Cheers mate i will put some pics up soon when i get to my home PC. anyway heres the low down

    - 1977 RX3 coupe resprayed in a cutsom ford blue print blue with green pearl, retrimed/stripped interior with cobra fixed back seats, Autometer C2 guages, ROH 16x7 3 piece wheels and custom plates "ROTARY"
    - RX4 block 13B BP (ex IPRA motor) freshly rebuilt with lightend rotors, 3mm seals, new stat gears ect
    - 51 ida downdraft weber with port matched manifold
    - ligthend steel flywheel, 4 puk brass button clutch 1T pressure plate
    - W58 supra 5 speed
    - custom hilux diff, 30 spline axles, 4.5:1 ratio EZ locker center
    - 280mm cross drilled and slotted rotors with girlock calipers
    ect ect ect.... to much to list

    It made 147rwkws (just shy of 200rwhp) and weighs in at 868kg with half a tank of fuel so it goes bloody well for a N/A 1.3L :cool:

    I used to own a S2 RX7 13BT with some extra goodies but deicded to go old school for this car instead of the usual 10 - 11 sec 13BT setup you see in the top RX3's. The car is being built for hill climbs and maybe some multiday tarmac rally's depending on money.


  6. [​IMG]
    13B BP :twisted:

  7. Nice car, bikes are nicer! Welcome. :grin: :grin:
  8. You should go on a pilgrimage to Adelaide dude, the SA netrider crew are known for talking more about their rotaries than their bikes.
  9. Welcome Madaz,
    I'm sure you'll switch easily between blender and bike - similar kind of buzz!
    Back in a long ago corner of my past was a much loved RX4 that was surprising reliable and provided lots of good memories :grin:
  10. Cheers for the comments guys. :)

    I cant wait to start riding (legally) and get my self a nice bike to learn on and carve up the bends. I have riden a few different bikes from my old TTR250 (slow puss box) to my mates WR426 (wild in the bush :shock: ) and then recently my mates GT250R (not bad for a 250 but i dont have anything to compare it to in its class) and my mates 03 CBR600RR (but i didnt really ride it, i more cruised around wishing i had the skills to twist the wrist :twisted: :LOL: )

    Anyway hopefully in the next month or 2 there will be a 2 wheeled beast sitting next to the coupe in the shed, i cant wait :cool:

    What would you guys recommend for a L's bike? I am used to going quick and i realise that LAMS bikes wont be breaking any records but i cant deicde between a motrad (maybe a XR400 motard or a DRZ400SM) or a 250 road bike (like a GT250R, CBR250RR).

    When i rode my mates hyosung i found it pretty cramped compared the bikes im used to riding (trail bikes) but at the same time i want to learn as much road craft and prepairing for the day i can get a sports bike. Which would be better for my riding? a 250 road bike or a 400 motard?

    Sorry it sounds like a dumb question but my biker mates think a mini sports bike is the way to go so it wont be such a change when i go to a CBR600RR/GSXR600/R6, but i find the motard style more comfy as those import 250's seem so small (im 6"2' 100kg)


  11. Matwe I am 6'2" and find all "sporty" bikes cramped. I was used to downhill mountain bikes and they are more like dirt bikes. But got the GT250 and it fits great, it's not that they are small it is because youa re not used to them. If it was my choice for a new bike now and we had LAMS MOTARD is the answer. I love the whole idea of them, they go like the clappers, easy to handle and oh they love wheelies.

    But any bike mate is going to better than no bike, so don't stress! :grin:
  12. Cheers well it seems MOTARD may be the go :grin:

    I think i might go have a look around this arvo and see what i can see :)

    I was fine riding the GT250R but the thing i found weird was how my legs were almost up my arse (as far as footpeg position) but once i took off and my legs were tucked up jocky style i was fine :LOL: Plus i must have looked like a goose when i tried to kick the side stand down but were i was trying to push was nearly the rear footpegs (cause im used to dirt bikes) :oops: :LOL: My mate was pissing him self :p

    Oh well i recon a motard will suit me more and i will just borrow my mates GT250R every now and then just to mix things up.


  13. Why do we attract rotor enthusiasts? There seems to be a few on here lately. I had a turbo 13b rx7 myseld until about 14 months ago.
  14. Maybe due to the fact that both rotary's and bikes are minority groups and you have to be a true enthusiest to put up with some of the hardships caused by our love and to understand the great feeling you get when everything is going well and your out driving/riding your beast through a nice stretch of road :cool:

    I dont know im just guessing but i too have noticed quite a few rotary drivers also own bikes.

    Oh well good taste i guess :p

  15. welcome aboard, seeya 'round ;)
  16. Try and find an old RE5 Suzuki Rotary Motorbike so you can combine your passions :D
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  18. Its a shame about fag P-platers that think they are race car drivers but the MX6 aint rotary powered just probably some boy racer thinking he is quick when in fact if he was driving a high hp car he would probably be 6ft under by now

    Anyway it pisses me off when dicks do this shit but hey its sydney.... you have to expect that :p All it does is make it hard for true car heads that generally do the right thing and just enjoy building quick/clean cars, and 190km/h on a public road on your P's is just plain dumb [end rant]

    Thats why i live in sleepy tassie where nothign exciting happens (and we also have the best roads with SFA cops :grin: )

    Thanks for the welcome

    Az :wink: