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Rossi's Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AVG, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. How cool was Rossi's helmet in Mugello.
    Cheeky as always and a fitting win for the Champ!

  2. I don't want a picture of my self on my helmet.
  3. haha,

    I could picture a nice airbrushed pic of you rog on top of a helmet.

    ...I would buy one.
  4. The look on his face just says "Holy crap!"
    I wonder if he's ever pulling that face for real inside the helmet.
  5. I wouldn't want a picture of myself on my helmet as well but
    Rossi can get away with it cause he is Rossi.
    Good showmanship, keeps us entertained but he is all business.. Sorry Stoner just like Hayden you may just be a one hit wonder.
  6. That's a bit harsh dude!
  7. He did say “may†just be a one hit wonder.
    Though Mugello did indicate he may have more in him.
    I thought this would have been Rossi’s swan song with the way he was Whining last year, but he is coming back with all guns blazing.
    It looks like it is going to be hotting up to be one hell of a season
  8. PK64, you might do better with a piccie of my bum on your helmet.
  9. Rog, have a good idea.
    You always wear a pure white upmarket helmet, even when you were racing.

    The babies never know what to give you for your birthday, because they always say you have at least two of everything.

    So what about an air brush of Loz's bum, with brown eye on your lovely white, nearly new helmet for next birthday pressie?

    I think the babies will do this.
  10. Vomiting at the thought.
  11. get with it man....