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Rossi's GP11 and Stoner's GP10 up for auction…

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. You mean seperate the rich from the rich & stupid? ;)
  2. Isn't that what I said? ☺
  3. 'I pay cash now...' - farouk
  4. What is it with Wogs and Cash?
  5. Click the full list... Are Duc doing a bit of fundrasing, or is this all private collection stuff?
  6. Come on jackpot lottery. They would look good in the shed. Watch everyone's face when you turn up on one on a track day. Yee hah... beats buying a yacht or whatever else yuppies buy with no clue.
  7. I've gotten to the limit on roundabouts on my 125cc and I think it's time I get a real bike for the track. You guys think I would outgrow one of these too quickly?
  8. realistically how much would these bikes go for - couple hundred thousand i presume?
  9. Keep going.

    A 1980's Ferrari Formula 1 went for $1.2 million a few years back.
  10. low k's, only ridden in weekends, kept under cover, occaisonally ridden in the rain.
  11. C'mon only an 800? Habbibs r1 with the powercommander would smash it bro. :p
  12. Stoner's bike should fetch a higher price, having won races...
  13. I'd pay a mil for stoners bike if I had it.
  14. Yeh and the Rossi bike is his backup bike afaik
  15. It's so the government don't keep a track of every single move you make... Not unless you like them watching your money so they get their scabby little hands all over it!
  16. This is why a lot of the little takeaway shops don't take credit/debit cards. It's not because they care about the transaction fees, it's because they're dodging taxes.
  17. Anyway it turns out the titular bikes are NON-OPERATIONAL :( They've sealed the engines and shit, so they're purely ornamental. Booooorrrrriiiiinnnng.
  18. Doesn't have a great deal to do with taxes. BTW, you think you have money in the bank? I went to get iirc 10k out of 'my' bank account and got laughed at. Was told I should call before withdrawing large sums of money as they may not have it! GTFO!

    Anyway bikes would make good lounge room pieces.
  19. You really think they were going to be in fine working order? Even IF they were, it would only be for an hour or so before the engine needed a tuneup and then replacement after 5 hours riding.