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Rossi's 07 GP Bike, how close can you get....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toecutter, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Davo posted this on Ulysses Forum, and didn't find it on here....

  2. :shock: That's awesome!
  3. :grin:

    =P~ =P~ =P~ =P~

    Nice Nice very nice
  4. Very very nice indeed. Can somebody please explain what the need is for quick release brake lines?
  5. Unreal ant get closer than that thats for sure. Towed by a Bambino :LOL:

    Massive dollars invested in these bikes, and 16.5inch rear wheel, thats different.
  6. For quick complete caliper/pad changes - No need to bleed :cool:
  7. Can't see anything awesome here. In a way I think it would be fitting for them to break something on the bike and be sued for $$$ big enough so as to knock some respect for other people's property into them.
  8. Its last years bike.. its now a promo bike that is doin the rounds and is going to get fondled alot. Are you telling me that given the chance you wouldn't have done the same??? :roll:
  9. :shock:
    Lucky buggers!
  10. It all depends on one's definition of "being given the chance". Being invited by the owner/exhibitor - you're bloody right I would! :grin: Finding it under a cover in a hotel parking lot isn't quite the same.

    P.S. Can I come sit on your bike? :twisted:
  11. Cant believe it was just under a white sheet in some random hotel car park. If that was in Aus it would be flogged in no time!
  12. I wonder if they caught the gay from touching it.
  13. Love the poses at the end......brilliant!!!
  14. +1, amazing. Definitely would get away with violating the five-pic rule. Lucky bastards.

    (And sure, feel free to sit on my bike anytime. just don't drop it.)
  15. That would have been a dream cme true for me. I would have spent the night in the Car Park is i was them....
    Lucky Buggers