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Rossi to Yamaha with Malboro?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by E2W, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Just read this on the Fastbikes website:

    Right, no Rossi-fanatics get too excited here, it's just a rumour, but worth mentioning. Some excitable Spanish and Italian journos have been putting 2 & 2 together, after seeing Rossi, the head of Phillip Morris (Marlboro) and Dorna bigwig Carmelo Ezpeleta having several conversations at Mugello. They now claim that Marlboro, who pay Rossi's £13M wage, want him alongside Lorenzo at Yamaha next year and are pushing hard to make it reality. Audi may have a million or two things to say about it, should this be the case, so we could be about to see a big bidding war for Valentino. However, as much as Yamaha would love a big sponsor again, history shows they don't like being dictated to when it comes to riders in the modern GP world. Will it happen? Doubtful, but sure makes things more interesting! Elsewhere, Ducati have cooled talks with Crutchlow while being a bit nicer to Nicky Hayden, especially after he killed the Nicky to WSB rumour stone dead. Nothing will happen though, until Rossi's decision is made. The idea of having him back on a Yamaha is fascinating, but still short-sighted considering he's got two years left. They need to create stars so great that the slack is taken up when he goes elsewhere, rather than squeezing the Rossi lemon to the bitter end, as if he goes to another bike series, where will all the fans and spectators go? That said, 65,000 at Mugello over three days is an utter disaster for MotoGP, and Rossi didn't do too badly! More news when we get it!

  2. I Reckon if rossi goes anywhere its superbike
  3. Hmmmm

    Is Marlboro still officially sponsoring Ducati? If so, with no branding aloud almost anywhere in the world, would it be in there best interests to sponsor another team? Makes no sense to me!
  4. its the colours, which are red and white and also the barcode things they put near the headlights, thats what they pay for, i dont really understand it either.

    They still sponser ferarri F1 i think.
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  5. Anyhow...have a Winfield !
  6. I think they are only allowed to show the proper logo in the middle east and Asia.
  7. I looked it up, although your right, they are aloud to show cigarette advertising in some parts of Asia and the Middle east, they don't anymore. In fact I dont even think they use the Bar-code thing anymore, anywhere.

    Having said that phillip morris still give tens of millions of dollars to Ducati and Ferrari so who knows. I think it's just the suggestive colors that remain.
  8. iirc, Philip Morris pay for all the space on the Ferrari and other companies pay them (pm) to advertise on it.
    ...I could be completely wrong though, never bothered to look into it any further.
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  9. I feel like a cigarette.
  10. Have you been looking down the front of your pants again?:cheeky:
  11. That is why they sponsor them even though they cant put the brand on, so we will talk about them.

    Rossi will go to a Satellite Yamaha
  12. I would hope this to be true..Rossi leaving Ducati...to go to which team, none ....ie. ..he should retire now with some of his dignity in tact.

    I would also like to see Casey 'come out of retirement' just long enough to take Rossi's Ducati from this year and stick it on the podium a couple of times.
  13. hmmmm sneaky...
  14. You've just gone onto my best friends list
  15. Not forgetting the Spanish press recently divulged Casey retiring at the end of the 2012 season which he hotly denied ,, then a fortnight later he gave the Moto GP world the official bird.
    They are probably closer to the truth than most of us dream about.:)
  16. Hmm,

    I tihnk it all depends on how the Ducati performs with its new upgrades in the next 2 or 3 rounds.

    My interpretation is that Rossi wants nothing more than to win on the Ducati, why else would he have stuck it out this year? With the bike improving I think there is still a possibility of him hanging around another year with the Duk.

    Whatever happens it'll be a show, Rossi really is Motogp, and to see him competitive again would really boost the sport's appeal.
  17. 2 year deal with Ducati meant he couldn't walk unless Ducati agreed. Plus he gets paid 13,000,000 euro's a year as par of the deal. Even Rossi would have found it hard to walk away from his contract just due to legal issues.
  18. i thought rossi had re-sighned.....