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Rossi to quite bikes in 2007

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by vic, May 15, 2005.

  1. http://sport.independent.co.uk/motor_racing/story.jsp?story=638202

    Bike legend Rossi to be driving in Formula One by 2007

    14 May 2005

    Valentino Rossi, the dominant motorcyclist of his generation and possibly the greatest rider of all time, is expected to be driving in Formula One by 2007.

    "We know that Valentino, from 2007, will be in Formula One," Davide Brivio, the Yamaha team manager, said yesterday.

    The 26-year-old Rossi, the reigning MotoGP champion with Yamaha, said: "For 2006 I am not changing I will stay where I am. I am settled, it is an excellent team. Soon my people will speak and it will be an easy agreement.

    "From the end of 2006 I am free and if I have any offers from car teams I will weigh them up."

    Rossi has test driven with the Ferrari F1 team and there has long been speculation that he could take over from Michael Schumacher - a partnership that would delight fans and sponsors in Italy.

    "They are friends and I have already driven for them [in testing] but they are not the only ones," said Rossi about Ferrari.

    Asked whether he felt ready for the switch, Rossi said: "When I was a kid I started out in cart racing and then I discovered motorcycling but my passion for the car has remained.

    "I've tried rallying and I like driving the powerful World Rally Championship cars. It is a family passion which I share with my grandfather Graziano."

    Rossi goes into the weekend's French MotoGP hoping to extend his lead as he aims for a fifth successive world title. The 26-year-old was world champion in the 125cc and 250cc classes before moving up to MotoGP where he won his first three world titles with Honda.

    Toyota could face sanctions from Formula One's governing body, the FIA, after it emerged yesterday that the team has competed for years without the correct paperwork.

    Teams must have a competition licence issued by their national authority before they can get a superlicence, which is issued by the FIA.

    John Howett, the Toyota president, said the team, second in the championship behind Renault, had always had a superlicence but had failed to renew their competition licence since 2000.

    One sanction could consist of the team being stripped of their points for the first four races of the season.
  2. i hope rossi joins another team other than ferrari, and beats schumacher! :twisted:
  3. Schumacher will be a thing of the past when the New "Formula 1" starts
  4. New Formula 1 :?:

  5. The NEW "Formula 1"
  6. that's just what we want - rossi doing a michael jordan - the best ever at one sport going to another sport and being very ordinary.

    oh well as long he's having fun.
  7. News Clip is 388 old
    3.3 seconds off the pace after a measly 20 laps should have a few drivers worried and a few teams throwing contracts under his chin.

    Although Valentino Rossi has been saying for a long time he would love to try his hand at F1, the World MotoGP Champion only climbed into the cockpit of an F1 car for the first time at Fiorano on Wednesday.

    The 25-year-old Italian was a guest of Ferrari's at their home circuit and had the opportunity to test drive last year's Championship-winning F2003-GA.

    According to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, he completed 20 laps setting a best time of 59.9 seconds. Not bad considering the circuit's lap record is a 56.6.
  8. Yeah, looks like shidknee might be getting the race.

    I think Adelaide is earmarked for the "Breakaway" competition that is going to send Bernie broke.

    Eastern Creek will get it.
    It would never come to Albert Park.
  9. From memory when AJ launched the Aussie package, it's closer to formular 3 than F1
    something for the kids to play with during the F1 off season