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Rossi to Bridgestone, not a bad move in retrospect

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by cejay, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Although it's early days, the last 3 performances from Michelin highlight exactly why Rossi was keen to move to Bridgestone.

    IIRC, at Germany the Michelin riders were concerned that the wet tyres they had to use were too hard to provide grip. In the USA the Michelin runners were using intermediate tyres in the morning sessions as the slicks they had were too hard to set times on. And now in Brno, Edwards is the first Michelin rider in 7th place and complaining that there are no tyres with Michelin that will either grip well and/or last the race.

    Looks like Bridgestone are still the tyre to have.
  2. I agree that it was a good move by Rossi, and I think as the relationship between his team and Bridgestone grows, so too will his success.
    Michelin still just dont seem to be able to produce the same consistent results.
  3. The talk in the paddock about a single tyre rule might not actually require a change to the rules. HRC are apparently so unhappy with the performance of the French brand that they are already well into discussions with Bridgestone to switch tyre brands at the end of the year. Michelin have long said that they will only participate if they have a factory team to support and although that would still leave Lorenzo, it is likely that Michelin would not deem the effort worth it. We would end up having a de-facto single tyre supplier, though this is different from a single tyre rule where every rider has access to the same type of tyres as everyone else.

    During the Michelin domination of WorldSBK, Ducati's tyre was worth at least .5s a lap, regardless of what the bike was capable of.

  4. What a shit effort by michelin. Insulting to its riders and they're going the right way if they want to get out of MotoGP altogether.