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Rossi stays in MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by CamKawa, May 25, 2006.

  1. May 24 2006
    Rossi stays in MotoGP
    By: Matthew Birt

    Valentino Rossi has turned his back on a multi-million pound switch to Formula One in 2007 by confirming today he is to continue racing on two wheels in the MotoGP world championship.

    The 27-year-old Italian confirmed in Italy this afternoon what he’s been telling MCN for the last six weeks that he won’t move to Ferrari next year, ending constant speculation about his future.

    The Camel Yamaha rider’s decision comes as no surprise, as he was hotly-tipped to end speculation about his future at next week’s Italian GP in Mugello.

  2. Yipee!! Screw F1 they're bloody boring "race" where overtaking are done on the pitstop :LOL:
  3. yeah definately a good thing. I also think it would be a different story if he won the last few races, also he would want to retire on top as well.
  4. It may have been different if he was sat firmly on top of the championship table. Still, its great to see him staying in MotoGP.
  5. he wants to win a championship on an 800 too...
  6. Rossi to stay in MotoGP not F1


    Italian Rossi says no to Formula One

    MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi has ended rumours of an imminent switch from two wheels to four.

    MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi has turned his back on Formula One and pledged his immediate future to racing on two wheels.

    "No Formula One, at least for the moment. I'm staying with bikes," the charismatic 27-year-old told the Italian news agency ANSA in a statement. "I will carry on racing in MotoGP for a while yet."

    Rossi had been courted by Ferrari and has impressed in several increasingly serious tests with the Formula One glamour team over the last year.

    Ferrari are waiting to hear whether seven times world champion Michael Schumacher, now 37, wants to continue next year and have also been strongly linked to McLaren's Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen for 2007.

    Rossi thanked Ferrari for their interest and for giving him the opportunity to test.

    "It was a beautiful experience from a technical, and above all human, point of view," he said. "I thank (president) Luca di Montezemolo, team boss (Jean Todt) and the whole team for giving me such a great opportunity.

    "I believe my work in motorcycling is not yet finished: I still have so much to do and will carry on in MotoGP for a while," added the Yamaha rider, whose contract is up for renewal.

    "I hope Ferrari achieve their target and that it coincides with mine - to win the world championship."

    Rossi, winner for the last five years in a row in the top category, has endured his worst start to a season and is currently languishing in eighth place after five races.

    Ferrari are second in the Formula One constructors' championship, 19 points behind Renault. Schumacher has won two of the six races.

    ANSA quoted Todt as saying Ferrari noted Rossi's decision.

    "It was a pleasure giving him the chance to try out a Ferrari racing car," he said. "All those who worked with him were struck by his ability to adapt to Formula One, by his talent and courtesy."

    "Now we will follow with great affection his MotoGP challenge, hoping that he can get what he so richly deserves."

    Renault's world champion Fernando Alonso was less gracious when he heard the news.

    "Good. Like this we don't talk anything more about him," the Spaniard told reporters at the Monaco Grand Prix. "After four months, maybe this is the last question (I face about him)."
  7. good news.
  8. Rossi says no to Formula One
    Probably due to the fact the little golliwog couldn’t see over the steering wheel :LOL:
  9. He'll want to leave on a high, and this year isn't looking very good for him so far...

    Isn't Fernando Alonso a class act? (not!) Maybe Sete's one of his mates!

    Funny how Alonso stopped carrying on about how he'd be quick on a bike as soon as Rossi suggested they race MotoGP bikes, F1 cars and rally cars and add up the total times to work out the winner! :LOL:
  10. id like to see him win a championship for ducati. taht would be nice!
  11. hmm he's nearly six foot tall, but anyway... :wink:
  12. From http://www.yamaha-racing.com/motogp/rossi.asp

    Rossi is 182 cm, which is 5.97 feet :)
  13. Could have something to do with the rumours that he was going to be offered a drive at Red Bull (Ferrari engine customer) rather than Ferrari per se, to prove himself.
    Not quite as attractive a prospect when you're touring around without any real chance of winning...