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Rossi split pit-box

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Dec 7, 2007.

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  2. Nah, this is the shovel that'll dig him out of the grave. He's switched to a tyre manufacturer that might give him a chance of actually winning again.

    Smart move, I say. Bold as heck, but smart.
  3. How? Bike data will be shared, they're just not sharing tyre data.
  4. Maybe... but how many times did his Yammy break down this year?
  5. "of course as team management it's not ideal, because it creates certain complications...."

    I wonder how much of an overhead that will create?
  6. Rossi ran as a 1 rider team in 500's and 250's. It didn't seem to affect him.

    Aside from day 3 when his hand was giving him the shits, he was consistently 2 or 3rd in the Jerez tests. This was on last years tyres on the 2007 bike, with no previous setup information to work from (given that the Bridgestones behave differently and have different strengths) and that the Yamaha team have no previous working relationship with the Japanese tyre company.

    The conspiracy theorist in me says that when Lorenzo was signed that the dual garage was his aim. The last thing he wants to do is hand over his mantle to Lorenzo. Being in the same team as Lorenzo would effectively ensure Lorenzo getting Rossi's setup data and experience. Having different tyres would negate any of that.

    Rossi has made no secret of his dislike of Lorenzo, fuelled by Lorenzo's claim to be a fan of Biaggi and Lorenzo's post race antics. To have to help him would be a step too far. When Yamaha signed Lorenzo they waited some months before announcing what team he would ride for, as it was by no means a certainty that he would run in the same team as Rossi. It was suggested at that time, that Rossi would run as a single rider in the his own effective team, but with the support of Yamaha and as a factory rider.

    Ego's at this level are huge.
  7. Probably not as many times as his tyres failed. :wink:
  8. Do you reckon Lorenzo will make more of a fist of it than Edwards?

    edit: spelling
  9. Absolutely.

    There is no doubt that Jorge is a better rider than the Tornado. Better, more hungry, but also carrying less baggage. I know that Colin was a Michelin rider and also the most definite #2 in the team. As such, he was the bunny that got to try the new stuff in practice and then hand it over to Rossi.

    If you can get over Jorge's humourless hijinks (he is getting better and his interviews are much better now) then he will be a real rival to all the established and up and coming riders.
  10. I can't see Michelin letting Bridgestone get away again this year and therefore question the wisdom of Rossi's move. I think the split-box setup is a bit of joke, but it looks like the mountain has come to Mohammad.
  11. What other teams have run split-boxes in the past?

  12. Very true Loz but I wonder how much bike data will be relevant with the different tyre brands.

    I say this as the different brands may behave differently and therefore impact the bike differently which could well mean that some data will be irrelevant.

    I say it will make for an interesting season actually and if Lorenzo does well, IMO it shows his talents tremendously.

  13. Rossi, is Rossi.
    He has made a brave, and IMO, wise decision.
    he'll be all over casey like TWEET on a first-post-in-classies-user :p
  14. I'm unsure of the value of this data for another rider. Did having a faster riders data available put Edwards or Capirossi at the front of the grid?
  15. All teams, all tyres and all riders will be testing hard, once santa has buggered off. The waiting is great. Enjoy the testing reports.
  16. I also don't see how the data from one bike running Bridgestones will correlate to a similar bike running Michelins. Different tire constction, profiles and grip levels would make any suspension, traction control and chassis setting almost useless.

    On a ;ess serious note:

    I prefer to think that Rossi and Jorge will look across grid spaces and try to give each other massive evil eyes. Or even better practical jokes such as smearing boot polish on the inside of the other guys helmet. Filling their boots with foam and hiding there gloves.

    I can ony dream...
  17. I've heard alot of whinging (not on this forum though) about Rossi.

    I don't really care what rubber he uses, if he has the power to demand a change of supplier, then good on him for doing it and not just sitting back doing nothing & waiting for paychecks to arrive.

    I'd just like to see a return of some excitement to motogp.

    This year was boring, great to see Aussies up there, but really the racing was boring.

    The 125's were good this year though.
  18. Bingo Bango, sugar in the gas tank.....
  19. Dude how are we. I would also like to see random bucketings during press conferences and a dead salmon hidden somewhere in someones motorhome...
  20. One of the few guys who seems to have fun is Hopper.

    Seen at a press conference behind Dani Pedrosa, making rabbit ears (air brushed out by Dorna) and riding a scooter and doing a moon behind Randy Mamola who was doing a report for one of the Euro channels.