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Rossi Riding the R1

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dalemation, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Ok, Did a search could not find it here so
    Rossi Riding the R1

  2. It would be interesting to know what that track is, and what Vale's lap time was compared to a MotoGP bike on the same track.

    Makes you wish we still had a Six Hour true production bike race......
  3. How can I save it, someone.................????
  4. Am trying but not succeeding :(
    But here's another one for you :)
    rossi again
  5. The first video looked like rossi was having a hard time doing wheelies on the R1.
  6. Right Click here and click save target as. (22.5 M8)
    You will need a FLV player or codec of some kind ;)
    I can convert it for u if needs be ;)
  7. Losail circuit in Qatar.
  8. Firefox and the DownloadHelper extension makes it nice and easy to save media files.
  9. Thanks for that, interesting video. :grin:

    Rossi certainly had to slip the clutch a few times to get it up at one point. He was probably just getting a feel for the bike.
  10. Rossi On The Track

    Rossi On The Track

  11. Hmm, I just read that the new R1 has the YCC-T (Yamaha Computer Controlled Throttle, first seen on the '06 R6) programmed so that the initial response from the throttle is toned down to improve controllability, particularly mid corner.

    This may explain why he had difficulties (at first) with wheelies.