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Rossi isn't happy

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by E2W, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I said last night (elsewhere) that I doubt he'll finish the season; now I'm pretty sure of that...
  2. It used to the be the Japanese manufacturers who didnt listen to their riders in the off-season...
  3. was only a matter of time
  4. So not long after he leaves Ducati they will finally have the bike sorted fully and it will be unstoppable right ?
  5. Simo gone and Rossi on the brink. Thank god for Pedrosa....
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  6. Funny that Nicky Hayden is now having more success than Rossi.

    Also funny that Casey Stoner did so much winning on the Ducati and it hasn't even looked like a challenger since.

    Rossi has been a legend of the sport, but there has been a changing of the guard and can't see him winning another title.

    Looks like a Honda vs. Yamaha fight once again, and Honda have the upper hand as in 2011.
  7. Like Jeremy burgess said in the Pre race interview. Maybe Rossi has too much experience and being that this Ducati is a blank sheet. Maybe he is too set in his ways and cannot adapt like the new generation. If anyone knows, jb should.
  8. So after how many years of this is it gonna take for people to admit that maybe Rossi is just past it. He was a brilliant rider, and is still a talented rider, but it would seem that maybe he just doesn't have that 'edge' anymore. It's becoming a non-stop list of excuses, and he manages to blame everything and everyone else other than himself. I get that it takes a team, a bike AND a rider, but he has not been riding privateer garbage. And other people on the same equipment had done well for themselves. I love the guy, but he needs to keep some dignity about this.
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  9. He swapped settings with Hayden and ran better, he pulled a very neat double overtake then backed off.
    After two and a half years of nightmare conditions all adding up I think he needs a season without incident to settle and decide if he still wants to win.
    I'm sure what he has been through would break others.
  10. thats what i was thinking as well. stoner is well known for his ability to outride bikes problems, and i guess the younger riders are following along those lines
  11. This is innaccurate, if you read more than just this one article or interview you see that he does actually accept some responsibility.

    Please give us examples? As bad as Rossi's first year on the Ducati was, he was still the top Ducati rider for 2011. Or do you think because Stoner won in 2007 on a Ducati that it is "the same equipment" four years on?

    It was so easy for people to be Rossi "supporters" when he was kicking ass, eh? Shit gets difficult and the bandwagoners start jumping off real quick.

    I am going to laugh when Rossi does eventually retire (but that won't be this year, because even if he leaves Ducati, he will be out there on a satellite Honda :) ) and motogp is reduced to nothing but a procession in which the only highlights are CRT bikes getting buzzed by multi-million dollar prototypes and the occassional bit of "excitement" when Stoner gets arm pup.
  12. I wonder if Rossi will jump ship to SBK as his career winnings wind down in MotoGP ?
  13. He might go to sbk if Moto gp go all CRT , Ducati give him a new 1199 weapon and battle with his old sparing partner biaggi. It would be good to see that racing again.
  14. excuse my ignorance but what is the CRT ?
  15. Claiming Rule Team.

    basically, this year, there are 12 normal "prototype" bikes and they've introduced the option for CRT teams. They are running normal bikes (like WS8) with prototype chassis. They're allowed 12 engines for the year instead of 6 and can have 24 lts of fuel instead of 21.
  16. Claiming Rules Team Takamii, it is basically a system to get more bikes on the grid and make them cheaper. You will get a second tier of bikes.

    2.2.2 Claiming Rule:

    MSMA manufacturers have the right to purchase the engine of a motorcycle entered by a CRT immediately after a race, for a fixed price of:

    20,000€ (twenty thousands Euros) including gearbox/transmission, or
    15,000€ (fifteen thousands Euros) without gearbox/transmission.

    A maximum of four engine claims can be made against one CRT in any one racing season. An MSMA manufacturer may not claim more than one engine per year from the same CRT (i.e. a different claimant for every claimed engine of the same CRT).

    To lodge a claim under the Claiming Rule, an MSMA manufacturer must inform Race Direction in writing after the start of the race. In the case of more than one claim lodged against the same team, the claim lodged first will be recognised, and other claims dismissed. Provided that the relevant CRT has not already been subjected to the Claiming Rule four times that season, Race Direction will request the Technical Director to securely identify the used engine immediately after the race. The CRT must make that engine available at Technical Control within two hours after the identification, to be handed over to the successful claimant by the Technical Director. Race Direction will inform IRTA of the successful claim, and IRTA will ensure payment and receipt of the claiming fees between the two involved Teams.
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  17. That would be very interesting, wouldn't it?
  18. Rossi vs Biaggi II. That would be bloody entertaining!
  19. It's looking more and more likely that Rossi was no more than a reasonable rider on the best bike rather than one of the aliens. Obviously the Yamaha wasn't the dog everyone thought when he jumped ship. Shrewd bloke but not so brilliant unless he's riding the best. And what's with all his moaning and groaning? Every time he opens his mouth, you know he's going to have a sook. Get a spine man!