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Rossi has broken his right leg in FP2 at Mugello.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by _joel_, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. This will prove very interesting for his championship. I am backing Lorenzo this year.

  2. Lorenzo has a massive chance as stoner is have a shocker and pedrosa always chokes
  3. damn, just watched it, minimum 6 to 8 weeks out
  4. From motogpmatters.

    Valentino Rossi has been ruled out of his home Grand Prix at Mugello with a fractured tibia, and is likely to miss at least the next four races. The Italian suffered a vicious highside at the fast Biondetti left-right flick, being thrown off his bike and cracking his shinbone. He was taken to the Clinica Mobile where he was diagnosed with a fractured tibia, and then flown immediately to hospital in Florence for surgery.

    The fracture is open, and has punctured the skin, and surgery is to be performed this afternoon to pin the bones and seal the skin. The surgery is to be performed by Dr Roberto Uzzi at the CTO Firenze hospital in Florence.

    According to Claudio Macchiagodena of the Clinica Mobile, a normal person would require three months to recover, but racers with similar accidents have been back on track after 40 days. Both Toni Elias (at Assen) and Max Sabbatani (also here at Mugello) suffered similar injuries, and were back within 6 weeks.

    This is possibly the worst possible time to suffer such an injury, with 6 races in 8 weeks. A 6 week hiatus would mean the first opportunity for Rossi to return would be at the Sachsenring, or possibly at Laguna Seca, but as both those tracks are particularly physical to ride, Rossi may feel it is more prudent to skip those two races, and wait until Brno, in the middle of August.

    With Rossi out for that length of time, MotoGP's regulations require that the Fiat Yamaha team field a replacement. No doubt this will generate an avalanche of speculation as to who is to replace Rossi for those races, but a team spokesperson pointed out that it is far too early to be even thinking about that yet.

    The official press release is shown below:


    Valentino Rossi has suffered a displaced and exposed fracture of his right tibia after crashing in practice for the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello this morning. The reigning World Champion crashed his Fiat Yamaha M1 at turn thirteen, the fast chicane at the top of the hill, and was taken immediately to the circuit Medical Centre for x-rays. Further information will be made public as soon as a more detailed examination has been completed.

    Rossi will not take any further part in this weekend's Italian Grand Prix.

    Updated press release from Yamaha:


    Following his crash in practice for the Italian Grand Prix in Mugello this morning, Valentino Rossi has been taken by helicopter to the Careggi Hospital in Florence for a deeper medical examination. After that he will be moved to the CTO (Centro Traumatologico Ortopedico), which is close by.

    The official diagnosis, made by the circuit Medical Centre and the Chief Medical Officer, is that Rossi has suffered a displaced and exposed fracture to the third medium of the right shinbone.

    More information will be released
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  6. ah bad luck for him :(

    lorenzo all the way, now?
  7. And if Lorenzo wins, it will be portrayed as a hollow championship, much the same as Hayden in 2006.

    It'll be interesting to see what the viewing figures are like for the next 4 races.
  9. cejay, no win is hollow
  10. Ask Hayden about that. And Criville. All I am saying is that if Lorenzo takes the championship, people will point at the 4 races that Rossi missed as a reason to dismiss his achievement.
  11. Man this is big news.
    Tis a heavy crash and a nasty injury.
    You can see his leg at an angle above the ankle, they said his bone has pierced through the skin.
    Aah well hope he has a speedy recovery and he can jump back on the bike soner rather than later.
    I'm tipping Lorenzo to take it out this year now this has happened.
  12. Lorenzo will make hay here, but so can anyone else. This is the biggest injury in VR's career.
  13. I'm not a big fan of Rossi, but this is so disappointing for the championship fight. Just hope that he heals up ok and is back and riding to his best.

    While some may feel that this may be a hollow victory for Lorenzo if he takes out the championship. You gotta remember that so far he's had Valentinos measure and is leading the points race.

    This may also be a golden opportunity for Pedrosa.
  14. That's shite news. And yes, whoever takes the title can thank their lucky stars.
  15. And the REAL measure of Rossi's amazing character will be seen in how he mentally conquers this physical setback. My tip is he will be as good as ever, but many riders have suffered less and never quite regained their edge.....
  16. ooohhh compound fracture -- nasty - not only does the bone need to set and heal but also all the flesh and skin as well
  17. all the vids have been taken down :( can anyone find one?
  18. The only video that actually showed the crash were the race control cameras, so you arent missing much. They'll surely be played tonight, as they were before qualifying last night.
    The videos that were on youtube etc. show all but the actual crash.