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Rossi gets pulled over in California

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dan, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. http://canyonchasers.net/blog/uploads/rossi-ticket.jpg

    Rumor has it, that while attending the MotoGP races at Laguna Seca, near Monterey, California. The worlds greatest motorcyclist in all known history got pulled over on a scooter by Californias finest! According to a post on SoCalSVRiders.Org Rossi was being driven in a car to the track and was stuck in traffic. Late for practice, a crew member rode out to the car to get Rossi on a scooter, giving Rossi his helmet thus leaving the crew member on the back of the scooter helmetless. As they arrived at the track, a police officer pulled them over and tried to give Rossi a ticket for having a passenger without a helmet, almost causing him to miss practice. Rumor has it that one of the GP muckity-mucks came out and took care of the situation, when the LEO realized, he had Rossi autograph a memorbilia t-shirt (instead of a citation) and let him go. The best part is that some unamed spectator with a camera was on hand to take a few photos! Personally, I would have loved to see Rossi evade the BMW mounted cop with his Zumi scooter! Check out the SoCalSVRiders.org post yourself for a few more photos of the situation.

  2. i thought they didn't need helmets in california or something?
  3. i think california is one of the few states who enforce it.. perhaps im wrong
  4. Other way around. There's only a few states that have no helmet laws. But most don't enforce it.

    California does have legal lane splitting though. At any speed (you can lane split at 100 klicks an hour on the freeway)
  5. Cant be rossi . The great man would rather be late for racing than hope on a scooter . :p

  6. So you don't pay much attention when watching the Moto GP when they are showing anything other than the race?? I have sen Rossi on a scooter.
  7. scooters are the preffered mode of transport in the pits. given they all are at the top of their motorsport riding the horniest bikes, they aren't too worried about the scooter's lack of riceboy 'poser' factor :LOL:
  8. I very rarely watch the gp . Probably twice in 3 years , so thats a no to your question .Not everyone that rides watches it . Obviously the smiley i put at the end you didnt notice either ?
  9. Not the first time he's been caught.

    Didn't he get done for breaking the sound barrier on the Bass Hwy a few years ago?
  10. I didn't think he was old enough to ride on the road yet!!!!!

  11. if i was him i not sure i would want to ride on the ride