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Rossi/Edwards unveil Yamaha Camel colors

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dan, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. photo #1
    photo #2

  2. Check out Rossi's hair!
  3. I think his sunnies are the more appaling :shock:
  4. I think the design of the bikes are boring. :(
  5. Looks as though there has been a fair bit of negotiating over the exact type of yellow to be used on the bike and the leathers.
  6. Yeah that just looks.... weird.
  7. my eyes... my eyes...
  8. yep certainly a very boring looking colour scheme, then again i don't like the colour yellow either so that probably doesn't help
  9. I love some of the distracted looks on some of the worker bees in the second photo.
    Fourth from the left, the bald guy:" I wonder if I did up the rear wheel nut before he sat on that??"
    Jeremy Burgess "Jeez, there's the new Honda, and it's ..... argh, yellow and blue!"
    Rossi and the bloke to his left: "Jeez, look at that Honda promo girl, and she's wearing ... argh, yellow and blue."
    Third from the right: "Our Father, which art in heaven, thank you for getting Biaggi to go to SBK."
    Extreme right: "What did you STAND IN before this photo shoot, poooooo!?"
  10. Rossi commented after the shoot: "I aah, I lika da yellow baaaike. It is ah, to go faster dan da blue one, from last year."

    Rumour has it, Rossi is struggling for motivation now that his plan to crush Max Biaggi is complete; not only with Biaggi losing his GP ride, but with Rossi poaching his longtime sponsor.

    The grapvine also reports that Rossi's management has approched Marco Melandri and Daniel Pedrosa expressing interest in making one of them his new biatch.
  11. Hee!
  12. Yep, that's a predictable and unimaginative colour scheme if ever I saw one.

    I thought Rossi had a moral objection to tobacco sponsorship, and that was a factor in the shift away from Gauloises money. What happened?
  13. He likes yellow. That got the deal over the line.
  14. Just give the things the USGP anniversary paintjob they used at Laguna Seca and leave it at that.

    They were the best-looking race bikes I've seen in years.
  15. think they should have changed it a bit form the honda/camel design. anyway better get use to it, think we'll be seeing alot of that yellow 46 bike again this year.
  16. My vote too, Clive, I can remember when King Kenny stormed Europe three years running with those colours. And Aussie Kel Carruthers in the pits with a jumper with the same pattern!
  17. The commemorative R1 in those colours looks fantastic, too. :)
  18. its going to take a while to get use to the new colours,,,and Sete on the Ducati...hahahaha.....