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Rossi considers MotoGP retirement

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by goz, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. Seven-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi says he is thinking about retiring after the 2014 season and is keen to bring success to Ducati before then.
    Rossi wants to sign a new two-year deal with Ducati before his contract expires at the end of the upcoming campaign.
    Rossi, who turns 33 next month, says "I want a new contract with Ducati, a two-year one, maybe the last, and then I'll think about how to enjoy myself."
    The 2011 season was the first on a Ducati for Rossi, who won his last title in 2009. And it was also the first campaign in which he ended the year winless.
    Rossi added "I want to win something here, make Ducati grow, maybe have a couple of years more and then stop."

  2. He can want all he likes; if they can't build a bike that turns in and stops, then he will remain winless, despite his undoubted talent.
  3. end of an era once he retires.
  4. And no doubt the start of a new era once things settle down with the new rules and more riders. Thank God well see some more Talent rather than just the aliens. Pity Sic is no longer with us.

  5. He needs it to go not stop !
  6. I'm praying for a recover, I had a look at his wikipedia site the other day to check check a fact and last season was his worst by a mile...

    I'm rooting for the legend to atleast be top 3 this year... C'mon Ducati...

    The question would be... how many of us will start supporting and following Rally when he finally goes four wheels...
  7. Hopefully he does have some success in his last few seasons, it'd be a shame to see him just fade away. Regardless of whether you like or hate him I still think he could be really competitive if he had a bike that was also.
  8. Maybe Ducati will enter one of these CRT bikes, say, the 2012 Ducati destined for World Supers, but done so it LOOKS like a GP bike, perhaps...

  9. Actually, the era quite tellingly ended when his then-teammate Lorenzo got an equal bike and tyres...
  10. some truth in that...
  11. Well, not me. Although I'm a big Rossi fan, Loeb is a Rally God.
  12. Don't forget Loeb... If he is having a hard time in MotoGP, what is it going to be like in Rally! Especially now some money is creeping back in to it.
  13. Cant you tell im hanging on to the Rossi era lol[-([-([-(.

    For me it was when Stoner started winning.............yay Aussie.
  14. Guess it depends on which website/paper/mag you read.. motogp.com has the follwoing in this article


    "Indeed, the seven times World Champion remains committed to the Italian manufacturer, and plans to stick with them for at least two additional seasons. "At the minimum, I want another contract, meaning two seasons after this one," he told motogp.com."
  15. Err, maybe a different bike and ride further than around the same block for only an hour at a time... :p

  16. Interesting comment, Joe. I wonder how many current and former racers actually ride road bikes for pleasure.
  17. I know some ex GP racers and they hardly ride at all (don't even own bikes). They do like it when you throw your keys at them though.
  18. Alot of them consider riding on the road too dangerous...
  19. If Rossi wins a championship on the Ducati, there will be sex on the streets in Italy... Some of it might even be consentual! :cheeky:
  20. Norick Abe, for one.