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Rossi Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Maximus, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. hey guys,

    just wanted to ask if i'm the only unlucky guy with rossi boots experience??? picked up a pair in august and everything seems to be fine except for a rainy day time. even though they meant to be waterproof, every time i get some rain on them my sox are wet, especially the left one for some reason. very unhappy as the sales chick was pressint it was the all ocasion boot. the part that lets the water in as it seems is the fron membrane the makes the ankle more flexible. and seems a bit of a waste of my cash since i do ride in the rain. don't think i can do much about it though since i bought them such a long time ago. tried apllying dubbin all over them but to no success. still let the water in. very disappointing. so if anyone got a good waterproof boot experience please share with me. i'd be very greatfull.

  2. Mate I've had a pair of Rossi for 15 months and wear em rain hail and shine ( sometimes all in one day, you know Melb weather :LOL: ) and they have never let in a drop.

    Never had to proof them or any such thing. What model are they?

    Forget about dubbin its crap, get some Nikwax on em and i'm sure it will fix your problem.
  3. :WStupid:
    Ive had mine for about 2 1/2 years and mine have never let me down, Well part from one of the zip things handle breaking off (replaced it with an keyring style loop) and it works fine)
  4. Maximus can you tell us what actual model of boot you bought?
  5. My rossis are pretty water proof. the only time I get water in is after a very heavy rain and jus if the legs of my pants are totally wet.

  6. sorry for not telling straight away...

    they are 811 vision boots.
  7. contact either Rossi (they're in adelaide) or the shop
  8. They're good looking boots. I was thinking of getting a pair to supplement the Rossi Visions I have which I wear to work so I'm disappointed to hear your story.

    Anyone got any opinions how good Rossis are in terms of protection ?
  9. Make that my Rossi Roadsters :oops:
  10. Much better than runners but not as good as Alpinestars Racing Boots which have heaps more protection in them.

    Rossi boots are so comfortable, I give them the thumbs up for touring.
  11. You can edit posts :wink:
  12. I've got a pair of the Vision ones, had them for a few years and they do a great job. No ankle protection though.
  13. I have two pair of Rossi's, one are the classic styled plain leather, water resistant with a bit of Dubbin, the others are the Goretex lined ones( can't find a model name) Long periods of heavy rain at high speed will EVENTUALLY see a tiny sensation of warm dampness on the inner arch of each foot -or is it just sweat? The web between the zip halves is plain leather , so a bit probably gets through, eventually. But I'd call them waterproof... :grin:
  14. I didn't have a good experience with Rossi boots (811 Visions), first pair had a blemish in the leather which opened up a crack within a few days. Second pair the stitching on the main seam running up the back of the leg of the inner waterproof lining had totally come apart on one boot. Got jack of their exceptionally poor returns process and got a pair of Oxtar Matrix boots instead which are better in every respect.
  15. Iv'e had a pair of Rossi Visions for 1& 1/2 years, within 2months of buying them the soles started to come off the boot and water leakage became a big problem after 3 months of use the zip catches gave way on both boots. :evil:

    Talking to a couple of other people, they have had a similar experience. Tried to get a response out of Rossi at the time, no reply. :mad: if this is what they think of their customers, I am definitely staying away from any Rossi boot in the future.

    So take your chance, you may get an OK boot, then again it maybe a dud, but at $200+ I prefer to go with something that will be worth the money.

    Forgot to add the inside lining started coming apart after 6 months. definitely a bad buy. :cry:
  16. ok, so i decided what da hell and wrote a letter of complaint to them.
    and here what they had to say:

    "Dear Maxim,

    Thank you for your email regarding your 811 Vision boots and the problem of them leaking.

    We very much appreciate your feedback but it is hard for us to comment on what has happened without first having inspected the boots in question.

    Our company stands behind our products and in the event of a genuine fault occurring we will either repair or replace our product subject to our inspection.

    May we suggest you return your boots to us together with a copy of this email, including your address and phone details and mark attention as follows:

    P O BOX 515

    Regards Mary
    Customer Service"

    i mean not a bad response it's just it's my only pair and with melbourne weather up and down at the moment i dunno really know ho to sort it out.
    but it's a start i guess.