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Rossi as number 2

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bazza, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. We've read the official line from Yamaha that Rossi will be number 2 next year at Yamaha but what is your understanding of what that will really mean with regards to equal equipment with Lorenzo, team orders and his chance of winning?

  2. i imgine a senns v prost affair,
    Senna won his first World Championship in 1988 driving the McLaren MP4/4.
    In 1988, thanks to the relationship he had built up with Honda throughout the 1987 season with Lotus, and with the approval of McLaren's number one driver and then-double world champion, Alain Prost, Senna joined the McLaren team.[37] The foundation for a fierce competition between Senna and Prost was laid, culminating in a number of dramatic race incidents between the two over the next five years.[38] At the 1988 Portuguese Grand Prix, Prost made a slightly faster start than Senna but the Brazilian dived into the first corner ahead. Prost responded and went to pass Senna at the end of the first lap. Senna swerved to block Prost, forcing the Frenchman to nearly run into the pitwall at 180 mph (290 km/h). Prost kept his foot down and soon edged Senna into the first corner and started pulling away. Though Prost was angered by Senna's manoeuvre, the Brazilian got away with a warning from the FIA. Senna would later apologize to Prost for the incident. Ultimately, the pair won 15 of 16 races in the McLaren MP4/4 in 1988 with Senna coming out on top, winning his first Formula One world championship title by taking eight wins to Prost's seven (Prost had scored more points over the season, but had to drop three second places as only the 11 best scores counted).[39]
    The following year, the rivalry between Senna and Prost intensified into numerous battles on the track and a psychological war off it.[40] Tension and mistrust between the two drivers increased when Senna overtook Prost at the restart of the San Marino Grand Prix, a move which Prost claimed violated a pre-race agreement. Senna took an early lead in the championship with victories in San Marino, Monaco, and Mexico. However, unreliability in Phoenix, Canada, France, Britain and Italy, together with collisions in Brazil and Portugal, swung the title in Prost's favour.[41]

    Prost took the 1989 world title after a collision with Senna at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, the penultimate race of the season, which Senna needed to win to remain in contention for the title. Senna had attempted an inside pass on Prost who turned into the corner and cut him off, with the two McLarens finishing up with their wheels interlocked in the Suzuka chicane escape road. Senna then got a push-start from marshals, pitted to replace the damaged nose of his car, and rejoined the race. He took the lead from the Benetton of Alessandro Nannini and went on to claim victory, only to be disqualified by the FIA at the insistence of Prost who ran into the race marshals' office after seeing Senna rejoin the race. Senna was disqualfied for cutting the chicane after the collision with Prost and for crossing into the pit lane entry which was not part of the track.[42][43] A large fine and temporary suspension of his Super License followed in the winter of 1989, and an irate Senna engaged in a bitter war of words with the FIA and its then President Jean-Marie Balestre.[44] Senna finished the season second with six wins and one second place. Prost left McLaren for rivals Ferrari for the following year.[
  3. But neither of them was referred to as number 1 or 2 by the team unlike the case with Rossi and Lorenzo so...........my question was ^^^^
  4. Prost was a wank **** ! I miss Senna.
  5. “Lorenzo is faster than you, Can you confirm you understood that message?”
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  6. Well Prost retired as the most successful F1 driver of all time while Senna retired dead. The list of drivers who considered Senna a danger to others is the who's who of motor racing history and Prost outscored him both seasons they drove together. Senna was however probably the quickest racing driver ever over one lap especially at Monaco.

    However we digress.......
  7. And if you haven't, Areyton's doco is a bloody masterpiece.
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  8. So does nobody have an opinion on this?
  9. Yes - Rossi will go at it real hard and though he may be labelled number 2 he wont believe he is number 2

    Going back to Yamaha is a lifeline for Rossi to reinvigorate his career
  10. I can't see how a scenario in which Rossi is a number 2 would ever work. Calling Rossi the number 2 may just be political on the part of Yamaha, in order to avoid problems with Lorenzo. It doesn't make sense for Rossi to go to Yamaha if he will be getting an inferior bike to Lorenzo, it is my belief he is going there to win since he passed up a big offer from Audi to stay at Ducati. The only other reason I can think of is that Rossi considers he has a better chance as number 2 at Yamaha than he does at Ducati with Audi money funding the effort.
  11. Yamaha probably did it just to fire him up.
  12. The Yamaha team are in it to win it, I can't see them messing around with equipment nor will they bother with any pretence at team orders. The whole #2 thing would be to keep JL satisfied that they see him for the future.

    Assuming there's no surprise rider or team changes from what we already know, VR'll inevitably be a regular podium placer in a depleted field. But for me, he can only win regular races and the championship in Bradbury style.

    I'd be happy to proven wrong because Pedrosa is inconsistent in his brilliance and Marquez is an unknown in his rookie year.......it's going to be a boring year if Vale doesn't get it together.
  13. Hope he ain't getting Ben Spies' gear and team.
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  14. The only difference would be that Lorenzo takes the lead on, or the bigger part of progressing the M1. So that the design/ improvement advantages will be more beneficial to him rather than Rossi
  15. Yamaha are big enough, advanced enough and have enough cash to have two number ones so can't imagine they would throw away Rossi's name and fans to put him on a lesser bike. They will work around what he needs, I'm sure he still has a bigger fan base than anyone else out there, even Lorenzo.

    Rossi would have been told he was going to be referred to as "number two" either by Yamaha themselves or the media. It doesn't really matter, if he's number two he can blame the bike if he fails to impress or if successful he can be hailed a hero in that his riding ability can be said to be above the deficits of the machine. Its a win win.
  16. But highly biased...

    As far as the number one and two thing...

    If Rossi's quicker vanish soon enough...
  17. Sounds right to me, it is a business after all. Good to see we're all in agreement.
  18. As it stands I would put them in that order as well. If Rossi doesn't believe it is the case then let him prove himself against Lorenzo on a hopefully equal footing.

    For Rossi to be considered number 1 based on his riding history would be like me saying Collingwood are the numer 1 AFL Team in 2012 due to the amount of Premierships they have won. But in reality that is pure bollocks.