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N/A | National Rossi and Burgess part ways

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by edgelett, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Aww kinda sad :( Rossi is running out of things to blame his lack of performance on.
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  2. poor Valentino, the one thing even his prodigious talent can't control is the relentless passage of the years.....
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  3. as much as i would like Rossi to make a Michael Jordan like comeback, i can't see it happening

    i don't think he is not performing, i just think the three Spaniards are at another level all together & he simply can't keep up,

    if Stoner was in the mix i reckon even he would be scraping pegs with Rossi / Bautista / Crutchlow battling for 4th
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  4. But on a serious note. Not supporting our local riders as a country as they come up through the ranks has a lot to do with the fact the three riders at the top are Spanish. Maybe if we invested more money in our local racing we would have more competition
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  5. Stoner was struggling to make the podium in his last year. I can't see how the passage of time would improve things.
  6. Huh?


    15 races, 5 wins and 10 podiums.... 100% podium is struggling? And he regularly beat pedrosa on the same bike. Iirc he almost got second in the championship despite the injury. :confused:
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  7. Don't bother. These guys are typical tall poppy syndrome knobs.
  8. I apologise, the 10 podiums include the victories. (reading from the phone)

    Still winning a third of your races, and getting a podium in two thirds is not exactly struggling. One of the non podium results was 4th after his injury and a 5th placing in the race after his injury comeback.
  9. Obviously we interpret data differently. Someone not making the podium 1/3 of a championship is struggling to make the podium IMO. With those figures he's not a championship contender, but a 3rd place contender.

    And what did he get? 3rd.

    Look I was a Stoner defender, largely, but this fantasy that he could pop back into the championship and be a front runner is just a wet dream.

    A fact of human biology is that young men have a disconnect in their danger response mechanism. It's why the army like to get their recruits in their teens and it's why most motogp rider have more success in their early years and then struggle to maintain it.

    Stoner obviously became aware that he was struggling to overcome his natural instincts to back off. Time is not his friend.
  10. There is truth in that part......

  11. Yeah sure struggling.

    The new Honda production racer that stoner just tested was 0.3 secs off pedrosa and marquezs times and with the soft tyre currently allowed on CRT bikes he was 0.175 secs off the pace.

    yep, must have been struggling.
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  12. Yep. In other news next year MotoGP is being renamed HondaGP.
  13. Must agree with that. Doesn't Yamaha have plans to offer the same soon though
  14. I don't think they struggle to maintain it .. it's like any skill and takes continual practise to maintain but sometimes you will get a 'master artist' born who will surpass the regulars.

    Stoner was scundered the moment the his missus got up the duff ...
  15. As was Rossi, but I thought he was a homo, considering his boy toy follows him everywhere
  16. Could be bi ... doubles your chances on a Saturday night :p
  17. It's common for a lot of people not to understand the difference between cutting a fast lap time, & actual wheel to wheel racing.
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