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Rossi 814 Roadster

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by BanzaiElise, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    I've struggled for years to find boots that are comfortable enough to wear all day but these do the trick. I've spent most of my life wearing lightweight weight shows. With the acquisition of a bike license I realised I would need to bit the bullet and get footwear with much better protection than runners. I didn't want full length boots but I did want to be able to wear these around my workplace, when out and about and even when driving. Having wide-ish feet I also find that my choice of shoes can be a bit limited and I rejected quite a few boots before I found these.

    I usually wear 8.5 but Rossi don't make these in half sizes. However the size 9 fits a treat. I did change the inner sole as per all of my other shoes and I do normally wear these with thick socks which I'm sure adds to the comfort.

    For <$200 these Rossi Roadsters certainly work for me. I reckon I'll get another pair and stash them aware for when the first pair eventually wears out.

  2. I was looking for a pair of boots to wear on a daily basis that were comfortable to walk around in and made in Australia. The Rossi Roadsters are great. I tried on the Italian named made in China ones, the cheap ones made in Pakistan that must be made for people with very narrow feet (maybe thats why they are cheap only half a sole width).

    The Rossi's are really comfortable but couldnt find a bike shop that stocks them. Found mine online at an online dealer called "Everything Australian". They were delivered 3 days after ordering them

    Still have my old big Medal boots for touring but these Rossi's are great for short rides and commuting.
  3. Apart from the shift pad what makes this a motorcycle boot?
  4. Protection:
    Concealed ankle protection.
    (On the website)
  5. Ah gotcha, could be a nice boot :) Thanks Titus!
  6. A good boot for those of us who have trouble finding boots that fit our big calves. Not a lot of ankle protection, but better than any alternative I found at the time.