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Rossi 2006 Yamaha Racing Bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by FormerUser3, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Max Biaggi, look out!!!
  2. awwww sooo cute
    how does it cost to put ur kids into these track days on bikes??
    i would like to get my daughter onto it
  3. haha awesome! What did the bike cost you? And is that a watercooled 50cc?
  4. These bikes will cost you the following:

    Bike is sort of race ready with slicks etc, it's a speed machine.
    You need to get triple stage reeds fitted, new spark plug and few little things.
    Bike - BansheeSHO $899.00
    Race Preperation - $300.00

    So for about $1,200 you are on a top quality chinese bike, these are not the rubbish you see on e-bay.

    Here's a pic of girl only 8, http://www.allballspocketracing.com.au/images/8_1_06/pages/MMC_072.htm
  5. How quick do they go??
  6. Well it's a bit like hang on for your life, when they hit powerband they just take off. With a person about 40kg they will pull a mono easy.
    Changing the gearing will alter your top end speed, these bikes are currently running a 7 tooth at the front and 74 tooth rear, however the rear needs to be 68 or 70 tooth.
    These bikes would do close to 80km/h.
  7. Nice, sounds like they would be good fun. A mate of mine is a CRAZY mechanic and his dad even CRAZIER (used to Tune/Hot up Ducati race engines years ago, the was so pedantic he would hang a thermometer above his work benches so when he was doing the shims he could adjust according to the air temp that day.).

    They have done some of the wildest things to cars you can imagine, i have HEAPS of one of mods stories and pics of cars they have done. Anyhow my mate is like a little kid and get's a new toy every week. His latest Big boys toy was a pocket bike. Him and his dad went to town on the engine with drills and alike and now the thing runs on methanol after a days work in the shed. It's quite a beast of a little bike.
  8. Hey xxsteve, do you go out to the go-kart/gp-training track at South Morang?
    I used to go there to ride the peewees.
    Personally i'd prefer a nicer peewee set-up with a faster engine than a pocket bike. The pocket bikes don't ride the same way with their little wheels, however they are hella fast!!
  9. We race at Sth Morang and Warrnambool.

    Link to Warrnambool Track Image.
  10. doesnt look as good though. The decals on that old model look better quality to me