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Ross Higgins has died

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Grandmothers round the country are now rejoicing that they are safe from pickling...

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  2. Who's going to baygon the bumperbar on the Kingswood now?
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  3. The day Holden built the last Cruze in Elizabeth SA there is some irony in that. Bye Ted.
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  4. I'm going to give Neville a scrub down in remembrance.
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  5. he was a funny guy and in it's day KC was a very funny show though now somewhat dated and not overly pc in many ways.

    RIP Ross you are an Aussie icon!
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  6. RIP Ross "The kingswood you're not taking the kingswood, I just baygoned the tow bar" :)
    Also the voice of 'Louie the Fly'
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  7. Very true but on the other hand it was a bit like the USA's All in the family and Archie Bunker or the UK's Till death do we part and Alf Garnett it explored prejudice and racism in a humorous vein.
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  8. agree...
    are you being served?
    mind your language
    love they neighbour
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  9. He was really terrific in The Naked Vicar Show.

    I walked out of our office onto Pitt Street one day and ran smack bang into the man. I couldn't help myself, I said, "Pickle me grandmother, it's Ross Higgins!!" He laughed and shook my hand....
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  10. 'Leave the money on the fridge!'

    T'was my favourite
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  11. "Bloody nuns! Somebody should ..." make a remark that would get you on a dozen watch lists these days.
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  12. Gonna go outside and gladwrap the number plates as a tribute
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  13. You're not taking the kingswood I've just mr sheen the mud flaps, some one should blow nuns up bloody little Damian's