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Rosie's going awol for a couple of weeks

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by I Adore Vic, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Next Wednesday (Boxing Day) I'm heading off on the VTR for a couple of weeks ridinng. Will be heading up the east coast again via a number of awesome rds.

    As with my previous trip nth, I'll be packing the tent and camping at wherever each night. By New Years I should be somewhere in Queensland - not sure how far nth I'll get as it depends on the weatehr up there.

    Have a safe and happy holiday season folk!

  2. Have an awesome trip Rosie, happy trails...

    Get in touch with VTRBob and get him to show you his "driveway" and the Waterfall Way, which are two of the best roads in NSW, the lucky bastard!
  3. I know the road Loz - did it last year and intend to do it again. :grin: Am looking forward to revisiting a few rds on the VTR. Had a blast on the virago but this thing is different. :twisted: :grin:
  4. Have a great trip rosie! Make sure you leave plenty of rubber tracks for me to follow, I'll be heading that way in under 3 weeks!
  5. Thanks dlb :) Have an awesome trip yourself!

    This time next week I'll have been on the rd for 5hrs - (leaving at 4am in the hope of setting up the tent at Kiama that night).

    This time next week I'll be in bliss. :)
  6. Hey Rosie, don't tent at Kiama, I'm only a few kays up the road with a nice warm bed!!!!! I've PMd my phone number and address of chez Hornet :)
  7. Hi Rosie,

    All the best with your trip. wishing a very safe one.

    I hope to see another good write up when you get back.

    I've almost completed my write up, from when Suzyq and I went to Vic. I know 8 months later :oops: :LOL: . I've done our trip into a book so it's taking a little longer than I thought it would. :roll:

    Well have a happy Xmas and new year Rosie

    Cheers Lou
  8. All the best for your trip ahead Rosie, shall be a blast :grin: and
    yeh and one more thing, can you plz promise me u will oil your chain this time??? plzzzzzzzz :LOL:

    Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year \:D/ \:D/ :beer: :beer:
  9. Have fun Rosie - I look forward to reading about your adventures again when you get back :)

    If you're coming around near Ipswich, you're welcome to stay at my place (or camp in the backyard if you're so inclined :p)
  10. Thanks guys. :)

    Alli - I'm better at it now! Lubing it always...just gotta pull finger out and clean it more often. Thanks for the Chrissy wishes - you have an awesome one yourself! :)

    Demuire - thanks for hte offer. Will see how I go but most likely will be tenting it on my own each night...good for the soul. :) I'll be passing by Ipswich (avoiding Gold Coast this year) and perhaps we could grab a bite to eat / ride on my way through??
  11. Rosie: If you're coming by certainly give let me know, would be good to grab a bite and/or ride if I can :) If possible, let me know a day or two in advance? More is better than less :)

    I'll PM you my number.

    Ride safe!
  12. In fact, maybe once we know roughly when you'll be in the area maybe us Westside (yo) SEQLD'ers can get together and meet you up :)
  13. No probs Demuire! Will see what's happening when I think it's happening :)

    About to head off. Got a few things to sort out and then it begins! :)

    Take care all and stay safe and all that jazz. ;) :)

  14. Hey, have a great trip Rosie. Stay safe and have fun :)
  15. Only just saw this thread so maybe too late, but.. Stay safe [​IMG]
  16. Cheng ran into Rosie in Lakes earlier today, on her way up....

    In case that's interesting to anyone. :p
  17. Any picture of that road?