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Rosie V7 had an incident

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cruisingal, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. On Christmas night Rosie was riding from Drouin to Longwarry.

    Because of the shocking weather we had had, very fine gravel had washed off a driveway onto the road. The front wheel slid out and she and the bike did a bit of a slide and she ended up with the bike on her leg. :cry:
    She got the bike up on her own :dance: and the damage was a bent right foot peg, bent mirror and bent saddlebag frame. Bike started fine and off she went again. :cool:

    The good news is that she still left for her trip to Sydney, the gutsy gal, and both she and the bike are doing well.

    Just thought I would post this up on her behalf, as I know she has made many friends here on Netrider and is looking forward to meeting some of the NSW contingent.

    Stay safe peoples

  2. Buggggerrr!!!
  3. she OFFICIALLY made it north of batemans bay and i believe is currently in Kiama for the night.
  4. Hey Rosie. Sending you and your bike healing wishes. You are very brave to get straight back on! Well done!
  5. Glad to hear she's riding on.
  6. I shall give her an official Netrider comforting hug when I see her in a little while :)
  7. ohhh no Rosie...........bike on leg, picked it up by yourself, kept on riding, all the way girl!!!!! Us girls ROCK! :grin: (Think I'd do meself damage if I tried picking mine up)
    Rosie just put it down to experience (which you obviously have) What dont kill ya makes ya stronger :cool:
  8. Joel: She made it to Kiama last night and is meeting up with more NR's today. :cool:

    Hornet: please give her a big squishy hug from me when you see her, it just isn't the same over the phone or net :wink: :grin:

    Speed: Yeah, breed them tough in Gippsland, hey? :LOL:
  9. Paul after you give her a hug, you (or someone with an eye for the mechanical) should take a look at that right footpeg. They have been known to break unexpectedly after being bent in an incident, especially if it is the aluminium type.

    We don't want it to cause another incident!
  10. Scrambles and I will make sure to carve a brand new one out of soap if it's required. Don't worry. All under control.

    She just picked the bike up on her own...
    Damn, is she going to need a comforting hug? or the stress relief of just lifting us off the ground and giving us a good shake? :p
  11. That's right Paul make her feel worse. :roll:
  12. Go Rosie! What an inspiration.
  13. this is like "the trueman (sorry Rosie) show" :rofl:

    Keep the channel open as we follow this gutsy girl and her trusty virago and her epic travel, trials and tribulations.

    Live her every moment through the exclusive netrider channel!!!

    Way to go girl!!
  14. we want pictures!!!!!!!

    i'll get her on the way south ;)
  15. what a tropper!
  16. Stormtropper!

  17. Rosie you rock!
    for getting back on the iron horse. :applause: not for bustin' up black cherry. :(

    Thanks for the update CG.
  18. You guys are fantastic :applause: :applause: Give yourselves a pat on the back as Im sure Rosie will be most appreciative for any help offered and more than happy to meet some "familiar" smiling faces when she arrives. Whatta girl !! Drops and continues her journey, crappy weather and all. Power to you Rosie :biker: Looking forward to the updates & pics.
  19. i send a Huge HUG for you Rosie (V7)
    thats an OWCH

    i hope you are not too badly bruised
    and have a great trip away
    Well done Picking the bike up and then riding the bike home

    :applause: :applause: :applause:

    I hope you are back on the bike soon Rosie