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Rosie in AMCN mag

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cejay, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Page 21, letters of AMCN....

    Maybe they'll swap the photo for one of Ben?

  2. :grin: :grin:

    I'm yet to get hold of a copy (newsagents gets it in tomorrow), but apparently it's a painted portrait of Troy Bayliss.

    So what did you think of the letter?
  3. Was cool!

    Way to go Rosie!
  4. :grin: :grin: Thanks! Can't wait to see it. :)
  5. i read it yesterday and thought it might have been you! bang on the money too. i would be happy to take said painting of troy off you if you were not so inclined :)

    congrats on the win though, awesome work!
  6. err..no thanks ronin - think I'll be keeping that one for myself ;) :cool: :LOL:
  7. doh lol.

    im very jelous. be sure to post some pics of when it arrives wont you. and again, congratulations.
  8. Rosie, you are a famous multi media personality. You rock
  9. :dance: Congrats Rosie!! :grin:

    Jadey & I were reading the AMCN fresh off the shelf on Wednesday too and thought that was your winning letter of the issue :applause:

    That's a lotta commuting you doing... PI to City and back 5 days a week :shock: me just jealous, would give my left testy NAH probably both to be back on a bike!!

    Catch up with you at the Supers if not before...

  10. congrats rosie :grin:
  11. You guys all have the latest AMCN :?:

    I've been to the newsagent here everyday since Wed, but all i get is they are meant to be here but haven't turned up. :cry: I don't know how I will survive without it 8-[
  12. Yeah I got mine from Safeways on Wednesday :grin:
  13. aww..they edited it.Tis not as good as my original. That's what I reckon anyway! :wink: Good to see it in there though. :) And how awesome is that Bayliss painting! :cool:
  14. Got a scan or the original text Rosie? I didn't get the mag.
  15. seconded
  16. I can't scan it but I've got the original here:

    I do kinda ramble on a bit :oops: :LOL:

    When I get a chance I'll type up the published letter. :)
  17. And here's the published one:

    Matho's comment to this was:

    That's the way to do it, Rosie. Nothing beats experience and some good ol' passion for what you love. Speaking of those who love and value it, Troy Bayliss has been doing that for a long time, and your letter has earned you this original painting of him during his amazing MotoGP win in October 2006 (now there's a coincidence), thanks to impho.com.au

    How awesome :grin:
  18. Ben Bostrom ?? (I know who he is, but why the two references in the edited/published letter that wasn't in your original?)

    Terrific letter, and very well said. It's the way I learned too.
  19. Ok..so the BB references weren't really published - it was my attempt at subliminal messages in the media. Boris thinks BB is a has been. lol.
  20. Haha .. good one :)

    Pot <-> Kettle! :LOL: