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ropeable on RTA!!!

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by SilverXVS650A, May 5, 2009.

  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I think by the end of this thread it will be.

    Im 41 have been driving for over 25yrs with no disqualifications (DUI or loss of points) or cancellation's.
    Only Suspension's due to not paying fines which was paid within a month of suspension.
    I think by now everyone knows what the mature age qualification is.
    Well my story goe's like this.
    Went to RTA Manly to book my L's asked the lady to check on system if I qualify for mature age as I have had suspension for parking fines in the last 5yrs but didnt lapse for 6mths. Answer "no your ok everything seems fine"
    I pass my L's ....2mths later I walk into Liverpool RTA to book my P's and again I ask the lady to check and she says pretty much the same thing.
    So I go and check out some cruiser's and decide to get a 2009 c50 all paper work done ready for me to do my P's and go on full licence and ride away.
    I had lost my rego papers for my gv250 so I walk into Manly RTA to get a copy and again for the last time I ask are you sure I can qualify she says" everything looks ok see you when you get back with your P's"
    I did my P's at Penrith yesterday and passed with losing just 1 point.
    Now imagine the smile on my face heart racing thinking im about to ride away in the sunset on my new c50.
    I ring the bike shop it's ready for me to pick up.
    I get to Penrith RTA and I'm told the system won't allow me to go on unrestricted due to my licence lapsing in 03/05 and me renewing it in 11/05...2 mths more then the required condition of mature age being no more then 6mths :( :evil: :(
    i could see the look on the face of the lady she really wanted to give it to me but had to ask the manager which both came back and he said mate "rules are rules I can't waiver it"
    By now my heart had sunk so low I just wanted to curl up under a rock and not come out. Mouth dry like the simpson desert.
    He told me to write a letter to RTA explaining what I was told by Liverpool and Manly RTA or the minister?? shall I waste my time??
    So I ride off with my new red P's plate to the bike shop :( :evil: :(
    I get there and what do I see facing the drive way ready to go is c50. It;s been a very long time since I have been so down and sad.
    Anyway the guys at the shop couldn't believe what RTA has put me thru and they are pretty good with the fact that the c50 is registered under my name and the stuff around they need to do now.
    Went to Manly RTA today and there is no way out of it. They found in 2005 I had not renewed my licence for 8mths ..2mths over the required 6mths due to me being in detox and rehab.
    Now my question is shall I go for the XVS650A OR VT400???
    Is 150cc that much of a difference carrying 2up???
    Ive been on dirt bikes for over 20yrs so all this is new to me in cruising.
    Your help would be much appreciated.
    Alfie :(
  2. Ahh shit mate what a joke from the RTA.

    Go the 650cc yamaha. :cool:
  3. Hey Susan and Sleddog

    Yeah mate I think I will go for the XVS650A classic now that I've read up on both bikes.

    Hopefully by Friday.

    RTA.....im trying to think of a nick name for them all I have at the moment is for the letter A....a*sh$%&@ :grin:
  4. perhaps Ready To Annoy? Or Royal Tightarse Animals? Or Road To Antagonism?
  5. I feel your pain. I'm here on a 457 visa for 4 years. I'm 33 and have had a full car license since 1994 without any revocations. But it is a Dutch license and not a NSW one.

    I therefore do not qualify for mature age riders as well even though I've had my license for 15 years now. I just got my P's and I'm still driving my CB250. Now I'm looking at an XVS650 as well. There isn't much choice under 660 CC is there...
  6. Nice one Mitch :)

    Hey Aussie welcome to down under :grin: yes there Isn't much choice under 660cc for cruiser's.
    I'm going for a XVS650A classic 09 model hopefully getting today as the bike shop is still waiting for delivery from Yamaha.
    Read up alot on this bike and my brother who had the 03 model and what everyone is saying it's a great bike.
    Also looking at re-sale it seems to keep it's price.
    Good luck with yours maybe we can go for a ride soon.
    Will keep you updated how I go and maybe post some pics once it's in my hands.
  7. Whoops, let them chickens hatch before counting next time I guess... There's always some shitty bit of red tape left to go.

    I don't hear a lot bad said about the Yamaha, it'll probably do ya for a while.