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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by junglist, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Now I have a claw mark across my front fender where a roo, one of 2 that jumped out in front of me last night, scraped its hind paw

    There is no point swerving on a rough and soft dirt road with road tyres, and the bike stopped damn quickly considering. I calculated that it would probably smack me in the face if I powered on and man those things are large targets to try and dodge... so I made use of the ABS and came to a stop with my front wheel half across its partners path. (who didn't flinch and just clipped my stationary fender as it hopped along across my front).

    I drive dirt roads a lot and have e-braked a few times for cattle, unexpected wash-aways, roos, etc in a 4-wheeled vehicle. That said, I was very impressed with the stopping power of the bike and have a bit more confidence on rough as guts dirt-road riding on the CB. I had seen quite a few roos out last night and was covering the brakes attentively, these 2 just blasted out of the bush at full tilt and got me slightly off-guard.

  2. Bummer on the claw mark on the fender, but well done on avoiding a worse collision, have had a few close calls with roo's down here, they are big dumb and scary when they race out on the road, damn overgrown rats on steroids
  3. Unfortunately l know the feeling well, 4 weeks ago i was heading to Melbourne from Anakie, thought nice arvo for a ride. But for some reason ended up driving the car. Thats were my luck changed coming over a rise l see this blur come out of the trees and bang no more bumper, radiator pissing out everywere (pushed back up into the drive belts). Finally just got car back, good as new but shudder to think what could have been if l was on the bike like l planned. Totally agree with Waedwe they would have to be the dumbest animals around. So the moral of the story if your driving in the country around dawn or dusk be careful because they will come out onto the road when u least expect it.
  4. Geeze, I knew Carro was wild - but not THAT wild.... :grin:
  5. Bad luck mate, be thankful it wasn't a wombat! Those suckers are like a solid lump of iron.
  6. roos are fcuking deadly. ive seen some really nasty accidents from roos. my best friends dad hit one in a 4wd one night, it went straight through the bumper bar and then the windshield, the 4wd was a mess & he was even worse. He was in a coma for almost a year & was very strange after he woke up.

    whats the name of that guy from NSW who almost died last year or the year before when he hit a roo?? he was from syd, his name totally escapes me. the one that crashed, wrote his bike off, in coma for a few weeks and then the cops charged him with reckless driving or some simmilar offence.

    anyway, close call - nice to hear you were aware of the chances of it happening in such a situation & didnt hit it.
  7. I definitely don't shoot them.
  8. I took her up to Heaton lookout in the Watagans and then down to Catherine Hill Bay to take in some sea air (and some photos) ;)

    But yeah, Carro is wild. On a side note, you know they filmed the "nobody thinks big of you" - little finger waggle - speeding ads here?
  9. That stinks. :/

  10. /signed.

    I've hit a few in the car and the work truck, luckily i've been able to reduce the impact to a glancing blow each time. Still, the last one in my car, i lost half of my bumper. :/

    Also, this one on the bike was pretty close to midnight and normally they arent so active, as you say, till dawn or dusk.
  11. you would of been FINE!! if u where on the bike i could almost assume that u wouldn't be driven ur cage the same way you ride your bike :D

    not to be taken seriously
  12. Yep - recognised the big wide streets and industrial area in the background shot of the VL going sideways around the corner.
    I got my sea air fix at Stockton on Monday in my new Patrol. Did the run from Lavis Lane to Anna Bay via the Sygna. Very refreshing.
  13. OMG you are so lucky you wherent on your bike. Unfortunately i have hit two kangers on two separate occasions, Killed both bikes and the roos. and just broke my ankle when i hit the second one. :roll:
  14. Encountered cows, dogs, humans, chickens, horses, cats, and signal jumpers all this while......hmmmm..... bring it on Roo :)

    P.S Having a huge thingy jumping around in the road at night, sounds scary :shock: Time to look for some Hella HID kits :|
  15. the thing is at night, they go on the road and when they see lights coming at them (cars) they get confused and freeze. I've seen them wait till a truck/4wd smashes into them without even flintching.
    Me and my friend were driving last summer near eildon, when a deer came out of trees and jumped over the car.
  16. I personally love roos and am appalled by you "animal haters"

    Roos are lean, chocked full or nutrients, iron and protien and they taste great :grin: :cool: :LOL:
  17. Dumb they may be, but there is a kind of logic in their stupidity. (NR DrWho told me this..) If they are in a family group, one of the adults will deliberately move into the path of the attacker (you) to try and lure you away from the others.
    So if you see one by the side of the road, prepare for it to jump in front of you. Of course, it's the one you DON'T see that usually gets you...
  18. so they ABS worked well on the CB, didnt have any trouble clamping down on the brakes in the dirt?
  19. Just to cheer you up - about 5% of motorcycle fatalities nationally are caused by kangaroos. On the up side, as someone said earlier - at least it wasn't a wombat.
  20. for cornering i was using the back brake primarily because the front seemed skittish on the loose/soft top layer of dirt. a little bit of back put more weight on the front, which dug in more and helped with cornering.

    even on the straight bits i was covering/riding the back brake to check speed when a big rock/pothole/rough bit came up, so when i saw the roos i prettymuch jumped on the rear but squeezed the front with a bit more control. The rear slipped/gripped/slipped/gripped fast enough to leave a continuous track mark on the road where it bit-in. The front pushed up a bit of loose dirt, but didnt really slide (if that makes sense).

    The main thing was the bike didnt even give a hint of moving off-centre.

    I think the good thing was a grader had been through recently and hence the loose/soft top layer over a harder, rough, rocky layer. It seems the front had enough downward pressure to break through the loose shit.

    I dont know if the bike would have stopped a whole lot differently without ABS given the way the whole thing unfolded (and I dont have a direct personal comparison in that same situation with a non-abs bike on that bit of road), but that said it gave me confidence to squeeze a bit harder knowing the ABS was there.

    we're talking 60-70km/h speeds here as well, nothing massive. (top speeds on flat smooth good quality straight sections). TBH i wasnt looking at the speedo too often, more interested in the road conditions and potential obstacles.