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Room Needed

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Maximus, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. hey guys, how are you.
    as some of you might not from my previous posts, i split up with my mrs and looking for a place to stay. so i was just wandering if someone here got a place and is looking for a roomate,or someone is looking for a share place. i'm after a furnished room as i don't really have anything. would prefer the place to be nice and tidy and as close to the city as possible as that's where i work. the price range would be around 100$/week for the room. if anyone got any info for me or is actually looking for a housmate please drop me a pm,a text on 0413906603 or just respond here on forum. i'd really appreciate any help. inspected a few places from realestate.com.au.registetred on flatmates.com.au but so far no luck.

    thanks guys.

  2. Keep an eye on the 'General Marketplace' honey, people tend to post in there if they're looking for someone :)
  3. $100 a month.... i wish i could find something that... i pay that a week in a house with 5 people.... :shock:

    but that north melb
  4. Hey Maximus, are you sure you meant $100/month as I dont know of anywhere with that kind of rental??? :?
  5. Damn dude. I'm doing the EXACT thing for a friend who had a relationship bust up. We live 20 min walk from federation square, he pays $100/wk, I pay for foxtel/internet/computer stuff which he uses, ah gee I'm so kind :wink: Thing is, lately he has been a bit distant and might be getting back with his ex. LONG story, not worth talking about but Im gonna ask him if he is keen on still living here or wants to move out (with her?)

    I'm cool for whatever happens, just don't wanna see him get hurt again by a break up and stuff.. But he isn't my son so I can't 'mother/father' him so to speak but I guess people know, you just wanna help mates out when you see them in (possible) strife :cry:

    *edit* OH!!! $100/month, he pays $100/week. WOW, $100/month would result in 5-10 people sharing a crummy place if it's anywhere near the city??
  6. *hoping you don't mean 100/month ...*
  7. sorry guys,made a mistake it's 100$/month. thanks. too much drinking lately.
  8. we've pay 100 per week and we've got 5 people in there. + partners up to 9 people and one bathroom

    10min walk from the city saving grace
  9. And yet i'm paying $163 a week, for two bedrooms, an hour from the city :p

    I really need to get someone in here :p