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Room for rent - montmorency (VIC)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by disassembled, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Hi People,

    Don't know if i'm allowed to post this, but hey...

    If anyone is looking for some where to live around melbourne, A friend of mine has a room available in montmorency.

    The owner is a 30 odd female, she's living by herself at present. Place is dog or cat friendly, and there's carport and front yard space, also a small gated area around the side, to hide the bike. She has no issue with working on the bike/car there as well.

    I was living there for over a year, and had my dog (great dane), was no problem with the resident dog/2 cats.

    Also, A good/quiet suburb about 30mins drive from melbourne, 10 mins to eastern freeway, and about 5 mins to the ring road. Greensborough and eltham shops are nearby and the train station is a 10 min walk. There's a couple of good cafe's and shops in monty village too.

    If anyone is interested, send me a PM and i'll get you in touch.

  2. 10 mins to the Eastern from there? Doing what, 250km/h? :p
  3. You kidding, up fitzwilliams rd?, through doncaster, right onto doncaster road and on to the eastern fwy.

    10 mins, more in peak hour obviously.
  4. I was mucking around, sheesh :LOL: