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ROOF Helmets: Coming Soon To Australia

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lazy Libran, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. Saw the advert in the latest AMCN magazine

    Here's some more info: DESMO RAM | Roof-EN

    Company Info: The Company | Roof-EN

    I'd never heard of them before BUT They do look interesting so will have to wait and see when they're available here.
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  2. They need to get a translator!!!!
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  3. Here's a web bike world link

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  4. This is a bit better .. Does look interesting.

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  5. "Perfect sealing thanks double to the coupling of double patented and exlusif Roof seal"

    I'm in. The styling is a bit out there but hopefully there's some good reviews.
  6. I want one .....now!!!
  7. You could order from Europe...

    EU helmets are legal now. Might be a gamble with the fit though...
  8. images-4.
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  9. Lazy LibranLazy Libran , yeh it's about that gamble , rather try it on in the shop.
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  10. did you see the bamboo helmet? wow!
    BAMBOO | Roof-EN

    Bamboo is an inexhaustible resource with exceptional mechanical properties. Used in ancestral time in Asia for its many qualities, ROOF performed the molding of helmet shell out of this material of the future. Highly performing, the Bamboo helmet is certified E22-05 (European standard) and opens the door to designing with controlled environmental impact. Exclusive ROOF!
    "controlled environmental impact" lol
  11. The speil is just so contradictory, though. The chinpiece is further away from your chin, ostensibly to make it more comfortable, but, of course, to enable it to flip over, but this would make it NOISIER, not quieter, as they claim...
  12. These guys will be all over it.
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  13. Are they DOT and SNELL approved? Or is this an equivalent E22-05? Been out of looking for helmets for a couple years so unsure on what current acceditation is
  14. Yeah not my taste, just found they have some black as well. Could at least try the sizes. Very tempted if I can find the mat black and orange.
  15. I have a Roof Boxer style helmet, is a bit noisy, but the fit is excellent and the chin piece is actually closer than my old shoei or HJC...
    Very light weight and I like the look of it...
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  16. Some of us ex SADF were once roofs.....
  17. Nice! Very Top Gun. I like it.

    When can I get one!? Lol
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    Yeah, would be interesting to see whether it works or not.

    Schuberth does take advantage of the hinge mechanism of their C3 and C3 Pro (or BMW System 6 Evo) helmets, using the hinge to bring the underside of the chinbar extra extra close around the chin/neck, too close to take the helmet off with the chinbar shut. As a consequence of being so close-fitting when closed, their flip-face helmets have been tested to be few decibels quieter than their full-face helmets.