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Roo racing exhausts?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Sancho123456, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Looking for an exhuast tip for my RVF-400 (still has standard tip makes NO SOUND and LOOKS CRAP!)

    So im lookin for a new tip so far i have been offered a good price on a Roo racing Carbon fibre tip! (havent seen and cant afford Yoshi's) Just wanting some feed back on the quality of their exhausts. What i mean is if anyones gotten one and can comment on Sound, performance etc etc

    Or if anyone has any suggestions on any other brands that might suit any input welcome.

  2. Cheap and easy fix is to debaffle the stock pipe. Can't guarantee what the sound will be like but it will be better. Fiddle with the jets and you'll get a little more power too.
  3. Got one on my zx9 came with the bike.The end tip on the can isnt welded properly so its cracking, Pretty shit really,sounds good though but it u want something thats goin to hold together dont go there
  4. I put a Roo Racing pipe on my GSX-R1100 back in 1996....they were only reasonably new back then I think. I had no problem with it all....and it sounded horn!!!! :cool:
  5. Any open pipe of the RVF is going to make it loud, good loud.

    They sound f__king awsome!!

    V4 engine with the firing sequence they have and valve timing just make the Honda V4 400's the best sounding 4 cylinder bike on the market (in my eyes).

    Your in NSW somewhere, so go to www.rbimports.com.au and have a look at the shop because they are right into 400cc racing and have all sorts of hot up bits for your bike.