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Featured Romak lock?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Lucid Mikey, May 11, 2015.

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  1. Looks like a pretty good deal. I have an Oxford and a Xena lock, and both seem cheep and nasty, even though they are designed for bikes. And they cost a lot more.
  2. Looks like it will do the job, price is good too
  3. Looks fine to me.
    I bought a similar XENA one the day I picked up my bike and it doesn't come with a pouch, or reminder lead, or spares batteries .. or a weather cover for the locking mechanism.
    Cost me 60$ as well and I hate the alarm on it, you touch it and you get 1 shot at getting the key in and turn it before it goes off and makes you deaf (sounds like a smoke detector when it goes off).
    I've already removed the battery from it as it was pissing me off. (hard to get the key in when the steering lock is on and the disc lock is near the bottom of the disc on a shit angle while you're in full riding gear trying to aim for the hole, if you as much as touch the lock its going off)
    My bike is always stored and locked in our garage, I don't leave it anywhere when I go out with it (so far).
  4. Did you get one of these? Or anyone have feedback on one?
  5. The second part sounds like my bedroom shenanigons:ROFLMAO:
  6. OK, I purchased one of these Bunnings disk locks and can compare it to my other disk locks:
    1. The thing is kind of huge and heavy. My Motoradar ones are smaller and lighter, fit in my jacket pocket without being noticeable.
    2. The key is a fairly normal flat shaft you push into the centre. I'm not a locksmith, but I'd think the cylinder/barrel key on my Motoradar is harder to simply smash a driver into and force to turn, breaking the tumblers.
    3. The sensitivity doesn't seem as high as I'd like. it seems I can knock it around a bit before it gives the warning chirp. I can imagine somebody whisking the bike away on dolly's without it triggering if they were taking their time.
    So if you are buying your first disk lock I'd recommend the motoradar instead of this one. I think it's only an extra $15 or so, definitely worth it in my opinion.
  7. I have a further observation on these. They aren't very sensitive, I can move my bike around and it doesn't go off, yet trying to disarm it with the key it seems very trigger happy. The motoradar is much better in that it will give a warning chirp at a slight movement. This has actually saved me many times from riding off when I've forgotten to take off the disk lock.... And a reminder chord wouldn't help because I only ever use the lock on my rear wheel, and don't need it with an effective alarm.
  8. I bought a Romak lock from Burnings.....great price and it looks the part. It's a deterrent more than anything else and it does a good job at it :)
  9. Just keep in mind the Motoradar is not much more if you can get it for under $50.
  10. I bought a Romak branded cupboard from Bunnings. I know it's a totally different product, but bear with me for a minute, because it's the same brand. Once I got it home I realized that it was incredibly badly designed. I seriously know kids in Industrial design class in high school who would do better. I persevered with it for the first half a dozen steps of assembly before the "welded" joins holding some of the brackets simply fell apart, held together only by the paint. Took it back for a refund, and told them no I don't want a replacement because if they didn't set up the spot welder right in the first place, then the whole production run will probably be exactly the same. So this is a company that turns out badly designed, badly made products with absolutely no quality control and that may not be fit for purpose. A pressed metal cupboard is significantly less intricate than any lock or alarm. I would be worried that not only will it not work well from the perspective of securing the bike, but it may just work so badly that you one day find that you can't unlock the damn thing, cheap locks are like that, once they wear a bit then nothing lines up and that day comes pretty quickly if the internals of the lock are made of the metallurgical equivalent of tinfoil.
  11. I rest my case.

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