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Rolling off throttle and braking help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JP, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. This is something that I've done half a dozen times in the past few months. Something ahead requires that I brake quickly. In the rush to get on the brakes, I've forgotten to completely roll off the throttle, and I can feel the bike trying to accelerate forward whilst tring to slow down at the same time. Thankfully each time I have realised what was happening and I've released the throttle fully.
    Should I just be making more of a conscious effort to roll off the throttle before I begin braking?
    EDIT: The back brake is not involved, only the front :)

  2. I could be wrong but it sounds like your using 100% rear brake ?

    If so, this is why your staying on the throttle as well. Try to get in the habit of using more front brake [ even if you just 'feather" it till you get more feel.
    Just the motion of reaching with your fingers for the front brake 'should' automatically due to the motion have you cutting some or all throttle.

  3. could also be that his method of braking is causing him to roll on, hold you hand out and go to make a fist, watch what your thumb will do

    when you need to hit the anchors quickly, don't forget the clutch as well, this will remove all drive to the rear wheel, but unfortunately with the lose of the abililty to use engine braking
  4. Nah, sorry I should have clarified a bit more. I was talking about the front brake. I think whats happening is my hand tenses up and I somehow manage to hold the throttle slightly open whilst still applying front brake.
  5. Change your grip angle.
    It sounds like you dont grab the throttle with your knuckles far enough forward. Hard to explain.....
    When you first hold the throttle your knuckles should be slightly forward of vertical.
    Doing this will force you to be off the gas when braking.
    Still doesnt sound very clear does it? :)
  6. No, I know exactly what your saying, you explained it prefectly. I'll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks :)
  7. The stay upright course I did taught us three distinct setps for braking: Roll off, set up and squeeze. That is roll off the throttle, set up the brakes by depressing the lever until the brakes are just biting, and then smoothly and progresively squeeze. Obviously the stay upright guys reckon the rolling off is important. Maybe practise the steps, slowly at first, until they become natural.
  8. That should fix it for you...and yes...definitely get rid of this habit.
    It happens to me once in a while and it pisses me off....it's not good technique. :grin:
  9. My brake lever was sitting too high when I first got my bike - loosened it to tilt it further towards the ground, fractionally. This should reduce the amount of grip repositioning you'll need to do.

    But lever must still be comfortably positioned.
  10. Sounds similar to what happens to me. I've been trying to get into the habit of keeping 2 fingers on the front brake lever. However when braking I sometimes fine myself opening the throttle at the same time. Bloody annoying :roll:
    Even worse when I try blipping to downshift with my brakes applied.
  11. Are your leavers adjustable Vinnie?
    Different shaped leavers may do the trick too.
    This is one instance where I like my big hands.
    That is until I go glove shopping again. :roll:
  12. I've got my lever adjusted to the closest setting Chris, to the point it will touch the grip :shock:
    I have small hands so I'm guessing that's working against me :roll:
    Different shaped levers .. I've never thought of that :idea:
  13. At HART, pple are thought to hold the throttle with knuckles pointing at about the 12 o'clock while not applying any throttle. The aim is to make you roll off the throttle when you reach for the front brakes.
  14. Which is fine if you're on a bike that doesnt require a heap of throttle.
  15. +1 :LOL: I'd have to break my wrist on the lil hornet to open her up with my knuckles at that position. 'sigh' .. to have a more powerful bike :)
  16. Sometimes I forget what happens when I twist the throttle _all_ the way around on the Tiger. :p

    Same thing with my MR2 actually now that it's got an overdriven supercharger on it. You end up getting lazy and keeping the revs low rather than deploying the full 'war emergency power' of the engine like you used to have to. :p
  17. I know what you mean, and if it's any consolation, I still do it occasionally, despite nearly 30yrs "experience".

    I can only suggest adjusting the position of the master cylinder slightly so the front brake lever is a little further round/forward on the grip. That way you will have to reach "over" the grip to reach the brake, and which should help close the throttle . Use common sense, obviously keep the lever where you can reach it safely.
  18. Or a more generous wife :LOL: :wink:
  19. 'touche' :LOL: