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Rolling Motorcycle Repairs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by noobie_rider, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has tried 'Rolling Motorcycle Repair' for either service or repair of thier bike? What are the rates like and are the mechanics reliable?

  2. First time I heard about this "Rolling Motorcycle Repair". At least not in Sydney.
  3. i just got an e-mail from them via the RM site. VERY interesting idea, kinda like a lube mobile/RACV roadside service for bikes. if they're even halfway competitive then they've got a surefire winner IMO

    website is www.motorbikerepairs.com.au if anyone is curious....
  4. There's certainly an unfilled need for this range of services.
  5. That's kinda cool. I imagine I'm in a "call-out fee" area, but I'll keep you guys in mind. :)
  6. Rolling Motorcycle Repairs will go anywhere in Victoria. They do tyre fitting and pre-purchase inspections aswell as servicing and repairs all on-site. Their price is competitive however some areas attract a callout fee which can be avoided by getting your mates bike done at the same time.
  7. This thread sounds like 1 big advert to me. :(
  8. didnt mean it to sound like an add - just trying to answer the question!
  9. Are they in NSW by any chance?
  10. They're based in Melbourne.

    I see there's a link to Netrider under the "Links" section of their website, btw.
  11. Just an update

    I got my bike serviced by Rolling Motorcycle Repairs the other day.
    The guy came to my house and serviced the bike in my drive way ... very convenient. Did a 6mth service (based on service handbook) for $200 .... which is not too bad considering other mechanics were charging about the same.

    I would definately use the mechanic again.
  12. Interesting .. wonder what excuses would hear for those of us right on border.

    You be amazed. Its a battle enough when giving ph number & they say I thought you said you in NSW but because of stupid telstra & there all might wisdom, our area code is 03 yet Wodonga is 02 :? go figure.

    But yeah if there willing to come this far & if have numbers would be interested.