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Roller stand... where can I get one?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Caz V1, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. Hi Guy's n Gal's,
    my wee Virago doesn't have a centre stand and thus makes chain maintenance a pain to say the least.

    I've been searching for one of these roller stand thingos but can't find one in Australia. Does anyone know where I might find one in Australia, or get one made?




  2. I just use a $25 trolley jack from supercheap under the dog bones.
  3. There was a guy in Bendigo made something very similar (I got one).
    Something like about $70 normally, but might be less if you deal directly with the maker. It doesn't have the fancy ramps and stuff. I don't know if he still does it, but I'll check if if there's contact details on it when I get home.
  4. we have one of those & my boyfriend lifts his Honda CB1300 with it.
    it makes the bike feel light as.
  5. I use a tommy jack from 1up its a wee ripper and only $65 too :)
  6. I bought a Rolla Stand a few years back from JMD in Adelaide.
    Ph number on the stand is 0419 160 856
  7. Thanks for all your replies,
    I now have options :)