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Rolla Killed Flipr

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Flipper, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. I know Dave wanted desperately upgrade and get rid of the Across but I don't think he planned on it happening this way.
    He was heading over to Bike mart today at lunchtime to get a new pair of draggins. He was heading down Springvale rd and just going past Brandon Park. He looked to the side as the traffic light went red and didn't notice the 4WD in front of him stopping. He went straight into the back of the 4WD :(
    He was rushed to the Monash in and ambo. He is still in emergency waiting on a bed in a ward.
    Injuries are minimal thank god. He has a broken rib and a couple of gashes on his legs. The worst bit of his injuries was the short term memory loss. He knew who i was and remembered things that happened a while back but couldn't remember going to Lil and Stookies wedding yesterday nor what day or date it was. When I got there, he asked me what day it was every 2 minutes and when I told him, he would freak out. It tore my heart to see him like this :(
    As for the bike, I think Flipr is no more. I have Phanoongy here with me and Pnut is on his way over so we can go pick the bike up.
    I will get some pics and post them up.
    So all in all, the bike may be fcuked but my boy is fine :grin:
    I should be able to pick him up from the hospital tomorrow :)

  2. been in to see him and he is going well, even though I was making him hurt by making him laugh....my bad...in the end of the day as long as your ok....BUT yea nother handbag bites the dust....he will only get to ride one flipper now…not 2
  3. If he's able to leave tomorrow then he sounds rather lucky!
  4. Damn! .. and after last weeks incident too!
    Lucky man .. and very glad he's OK.

    If he's not out tomorrow, let us know so we can go and harrass him! :)

    I slammed into the back of a stationery car at approx 30km/h and was extremely lucky enough to be able to go straight home after an ambulance check-over ... having been there, Dave is a lucky guy too.
  5. Sorry to hear the news, Deb. But although FLIPR's no more, at least Dave's okay.

    Well, okay-ish... :wink:
  6. :( Bugger... hope he heals up well.... Monash eh? I'd get to see him and my grandmother :roll: :cry:
  7. Ohh maaan!!

    Sorry to hear that Flip.

    Dave, hope you're brain reboots properly and the injuries are shortlived!


    I totally empathise with those ouchies.

  8. Oh man, that sucks.

    Hope he mends quickly.

    As for the bike, well, at least that's one less suz.......suzu.....oh you know, one of them on the road :p
  9. That memory loss shit is scary as hell. Flip please let me know if/when I can come out and rub oil on his poor bald head.
  10. + agoogle
  11. Bugger! Sorry to hear about FLIPR. Oh and Dave's injuries too. Yeah cracked ribs suck when people are trying to make you laugh. well the suck even when not laughing.
  12. Damm and it was only the otherday i saw you guys. Heal up dude.
  13. Ouch!

    Shit happens. All the best for a quick recovery Dave & then being able
    to get the bike you have longed for!
  14. Don't worry dude..Pnut's towing service arived and it's at you house now :?
  15. Bikes f*cked?
  16. Yep, the bikes looks pretty much gone and yeah, the memory loss thing scared the shit outta me.
    Thanx everyone for your kind wishes and sms's
    Thanx also to Pnut, Rhea and Phanoongy for helping me get the bike back home :)
  17. Oh hell. Shocked to hear this Flipper. I hope he's feeling okay and is back to normal in the morning.
  18. How do australians have a long weekend?
    They throw a sicky.
    It would be unAustralian not to.
    My hats off to you, you patriotic bugger.
    Hope you heal quick bro.
    I'll be around to rag on you in person shortly.
    Good news is... ***The POS Lives***
    I got it started today, runs a little rough, i don't know how long for, but it is running.
    Joint custody o.k?
    or if you prefer...a handbag :LOL:
    and you said you were going to sell it to me. :evil:

  19. Crap. Sorry to hear about the off. Hope the brain reconnects the neurons soon enough. Best wishes for a full recovery, and remember that any crash that you can walk away from with all limbs functioning is a blessing.
  20. That sounds past tense, he has got his memory back now yeah?